Thursday, October 28, 2010

Complaint Filed Against Union Leaders In Nevada For Coercion Of Membership

Union leaders coercing membership - who knew?

"During the course of early voting, Complaintant has actually witnessed, and is aware about numerous reports about, labor union leaders' activities in and around Clark County. The reports indicate that several unions are engaging in activities that appear to be intended to intimidate and coerce their into casting their votes in the Election under the close scrutiny and supervision of Union personnel."

And there's certainly no problem with those voting machines serviced by SEIU technicians preprogrammed to automatically vote for Harry Reid,or any of the other allegations of election fraud . Hey, Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller said so.

And the fact that he just happens to be a Union beholden Democrat had nothing to do with it.

Just remember, it's all about the agenda. And the Left will do anything they can to stay in power to enforce it.

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