Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fresh Evidence (If It Were Needed) That Rush Is Brilliant - Reverse Operation Chaos!

Rush Limbaugh has decided that he is going to provide the October surprise in the using a reverse version of the famous Operation Chaos he used in the primaries by telling Hillary's potential2012 supporters to sit on their hands this November!

The brilliant part is that I guarantee it will have an effect, just as Operation Chaos did.

via Breitbart...

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louielouie said...

i think rushbo is just using klebb as a wedge, or puppet, to drive into the socialists.
of course rushbo is a pundit, but at some point someone is going to have to call this what it is, nowadays.
it is not dimocraps vs republicans.
it is socialists vs non-socialists.
i personally don't think there would be much difference today if klebb were president.
she gave that "greater good" speech years ago in san francisco.
i don't think her views on israel are much different from hussein's.
the unemployment rate would still be over 9% imo.
she wouldn't have bought GM but would have found other ways to maintain the status quo with the unions.
there is one thing that i don't think rush has grasp onto yet. hussein is going to be the socialist party nominee for prez for as long as he is willing to seek the office.
hussein is in his forties. he could run ten more times.
soros would fund him from the grave is necessary.
the only thing that will stop him will be taking the office of sec. gen. of the un.