Monday, October 11, 2010

Obama Administration Denies Texas Disaster Aid Request

About a month ago, Tropical Storm Hermine tore through North Texas. Dozens of homes were flooded and a lot of residents had to be rescued.

Republican Governor Rick Perry asked the federal government to issue a disaster declaration for 13 Texas counties, including Tarrant and Denton. Yesterday, October 10th,Perry learned that the request had been denied.

That means no FEMA aid whatsoever.

Several members of Congress who represent the areas affected by Hermine sent a letter to President Obama supporting Perry's request for a federal declaration.

No dice.

Rep. Michael Burgess, who represents Lewisville, said in a statement: "I am disappointed that the Obama Administration has refused to offer Texans the needed disaster declaration and assistance."

He continued, "Tropical Storm Hermine caused eight deaths, widespread flooding leading to more than 100 high water rescues, over 100 residences were destroyed and thousands of citizens were without water and electricity."

"This storm left behind a disaster - there is no doubt, and it is the responsibility of the federal government to aid the state and counties in clean-up and repairing the damage the storm caused," the statement read.

Sorry Congressman. Now..maybe if your particular disaster played into something Obama wanted to do anyway, like banning offshore oil drilling..

This sort of attitude on the part of the Obama Administration is nothing new. Just like Nashville and Kentucky, if it's a Red state or voters largely perceived as whites are involved, our president apparently couldn't care less.

Besides, he's got more important things to do...

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Anonymous said...

Why is anyone surprised...the Clintons did the exact same thing when they were in office and the White house stinks with Clintonistas.