Thursday, October 21, 2010

Insurrection in the Russian Army As Muslim And Ethnic Russian Troops Clash

This is another one of those interesting stories you won't hear about in the dinosaur media.

Russia has its own internal problems with Islam, a development I first began writing about four years ago.

Not only is over ten percent of Russia's population Muslim, but Muslims are the only part of Russia's population that still has a healthy birthrate in spite of massive efforts by Putin's government to provide incentives for ethnic Slavic Russians to have more children. And even more telling , the Muslim sector of Russia's population is not only growing, but is younger on average. There are estimates out there showing Russia as a Muslim majority nation by as soon as 2050.

This has carried over into the Russian military, where the Russians are faced with a higher percentage of Muslim conscripts - who have been involved in a series of under reported clashes with their Russian Slavic fellow soldiers and officers.

The latest one was in the Siberian city of Perm, where Muslim soldiers rioted and attacked their ethnic Russian officers and fellow soldiers.In the end, the local commander, Colonel Dmitry Kuznetsov, had to turn to the Imam of Kama to help restore order.

While America's conflict with elements of Islam is relatively new, the Russians have been fighting Muslims for centuries , and even today ethnic Slavic Russians get preferential treatment, something that was exacerbated by Islamist terrorism in Moscow, Beslan and other places as well as Russian behavior in Chechnya and Afghanistan. And the Muslim ummah's outrage combined with growing Slavic nationalism is an incendiary mixture in Russia's cities as that could explode fairly easily, especially as Russia's Muslim conscripts are being trained to kill professionally and efficiently.

I wrote a long time ago that Putin had made the same devil's bargain with Iran and the Muslim world that Stalin made with Hitler. And Putin may end up being just as surprised as just as Stalin was when his supposed 'ally' turned on him.

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Anonymous said...

Maj HASSAN times thousands

we re not learning from mistakes of others

louielouie said...

ff, your link to "a series of under reported clashes" don't work.

a commenter at GoV using the moniker "russiky" and hailing from the caucasus region wrote about this subject a while back.
he claimed that islam had been pretty much beaten out of the muslim recruits.
apparently russiky needs an update.......

louielouie said...

that windowoneurasia article reads almost like the DoD resolution article of the fort hood ............ incident.
isolated incident.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Louie, I checked the link and it works.

I would also question the assertion of that GoV commentator.

I didn't mention it in the article,but the friction is apparently so bad that the Russian Army did the best it could to manipulate it's Fall draft so as to take in more ethnic Russians. Unfortunately, they were unable to take in too many because it would have adversely impacted the Russian economy, so they were still faced with a lot of Muslim recruits.

Like many Muslims, they are members of the Muslim ummah first and Russians second.


louielouie said...

it would have adversely impacted the Russian economy,

russian economy???
oh, man, you slay me...

l said...

i must have sumpin goin on with my machine, 'cause i still can't get it to work.
i got an "error 404" page first.
now i get a blogger page that says the page doesn't exist.

Freedom Fighter said...

Here's the actual link:

It definitely works.