Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Latest 'Palestinian' Demand - A Map From The US Granting Them Pre-'67 Borders Before Resuming Talks

When it comes to sheer unmitigated gall, the 'Palestinians' are in a league of their own. Before they actually sit down to negotiate anything, they demand to know the outcome in advance, or they're not playing!

"We officially demand that the US administration and the Israeli government provide a map of the borders of the State of Israel which they want us to recognize," Yasser Abed Rabbo, a member of the Palestinian negotiation team, said Wednesday.

"Is this map on the '67 borders or does it include Palestinian land and the homes we live in?" he said, referring to the year when Israel captured the West Bank and Gaza Strip in a Middle East war.

"We want to know whether this (Israeli) state includes our lands and houses in the West Bank and east Jerusalem," Abed Rabbo said.

"If this map is based on the 1967 borders and provides for the end of the Israeli occupation over all Palestinian lands... then we recognize Israel by whatever name it applies to itself in accordance with international law," Abed Rabbo explained.

I'll translate - what Rabbo is saying is that if the Palestinians get everything they want, in advance,including all of Judea and Samaria and half of Jerusalem, they might be prepared to recognize Israel.

Oh, and that recognition thing isn't written in stone, and Rabbo may have been talking strictly for himself according to the Palestinians:

Abed Rabbo’s statements drew sharp criticism from Palestinians across the political spectrum.

Fatah was one of the first groups to launch a scathing attack on the PLO official. “The statements made by Abed Rabbo regarding the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state don’t represent the position of Fatah or the Palestinian people,” said Amin Maqboul, member of the Fatah Revolutionary Council. “Abed Rabbo represents only himself.”

Maqboul reiterated Fatah’s refusal to accept Israel as a Jewish state.

Jamal Muhaisen, member of the Fatah Central Committee, said that it was “impossible” for the Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. “No Palestinians could ever accept such a demand, no matter where he is and what job he holds,” he said. “This recognition would scrap the right of return for the Palestinian refugees and endanger the status of the Palestinians living in the territories that were occupied in 1948.”

The Marxist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine pointed out that Abed Rabbo’s statements contradicted the official policy of the PA and the PLO and urged all Palestinians to “hold him accountable.” The group accused Abed Rabbo of endorsing a “defeatist and irresponsible” approach.

Hassan Khraisheh, Deputy Speaker for the Palestinian Legislative Council, denounced Abed Rabbo’s remarks as “dangerous” and said they reflected a state of defeat and helplessness.

“By saying he will recognize Israel as a Jewish state, Abed Rabbo has crossed all red lines,” he said. “These remarks harm the right of return and our people in the territories occupied in 1948.”

Hamas called for bringing the PLO official to trial for high treason and a “criminal who has betrayed the rights of the Palestinians and the blood of our martyrs.”

Like I said, that recognition thing is not written in stone - and the Palestinians expect the US to pressure Israel to make strategic concessions, create half a million Israeli refugees,and give up access to their holy sites and redivide Jerusalem..for essentially nothing at all in return.

Because the 'Palestinians' want to be free to try and destroy the rest of Israel and drive the Jews into the sea at a later date.Even 'recognition' and the signing of a piece of paper isn't going to change that.

I'll reiterate - the 'Palestinians' knew what the deadline for the building freeze was all along, and planned this in advance. That's why they delayed getting into the talks until a few weeks before the freeze expired and why it was a bad idea for Netanyahu to agree to it in the first place.

Their plan is to sabotage the talks, go to the UN and get the Security Council to pass a UN resolution recognizing a Palestinian state along the pre '67 lines. That will occur after the US midterm elections, and President Barack Hussein Obama will see to it that the US doesn't veto it, And never mind that doing so will be in violation of Oslo,The Road Map and the iron clad assurances given to Israel by three separate American Administrations in exchange for Israeli territorial concessions.

It's also a pretty safe bet that Obama was in on this from the very start.

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