Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Theory: 'Suicide Terrorism Caused By Occupation'


At least that's what Robert Pape, a University of Chicago political science professor says, according to the Politico's Laura Rozen..

Not only that, but Pape is scheduled to present his findings to Congress, where I'm sure the Democrats will give him an enthusiastic reception. I mean, they always knew it was America's fault!

"We have lots of evidence now that when you put the foreign military presence in, it triggers suicide terrorism campaigns, ... and that when the foreign forces leave, it takes away almost 100 percent of the terrorist campaign," Pape said in an interview last week on his findings.

Only one thing..when you go back into history only a short time, you find out something different and very puzzling about this suicide terrorism theory.

Anyone ever hear of the Germans or Japanese launching terrorist attacks against US forces when their countries were occupied? No? Oh, wait, what about the Tibetans? Any suicide bombers in Tibet blowing up markets with Chinese troops in them? No?

Lebanon. Of course. After the US removed those marines and the Israelis withdrew from South Lebanon in 2000 , isn't it amazing how quickly the assassinations, the suicide bombings and the Hezbollah inspired terrorism stopped? Oh, wait...it didn't, did it?

Oh, oh wait I know! What about all the Vichy French suicide bombers eating themselves to death and exploding all over the Nazis during WWII?

Okay, that didn't happen,but how 'bout all those IRA suicide bombers targeting the Brits in Ulster? Damn, another blank!

But there is a certain similarity in the suicide terrorism that has occurred isn't there...I wonder what it could be?

Lessee..Beirut, Algeria,Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel (at least until they built that wall), Kashmir, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pakistan, London, Bali, Beslan, Moscow....

Wait, I think I see a connection here.

Could it be that they all involve Muslim violence against infidels? And in some cases, against fellow Muslims in an attempt to terrorize a civilian population?


Virtually all suicide terrorism, with the sole exception of some instances by the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka is a tactic exclusively of the Religion of Peace. And that includes the two World Trade Center bombings, which occurred way before we invaded Iraq or Afghanistan.

That should give the people lauding this theory a slight pause if they think simply pulling our military out by itself is going to stop Muslims from blowing themselves and innocent people up or attacking us a little closer to home.

And just think, I didn't even need to be a Poli Sci professor to figure that out.

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Dave Schuler said...

There's an additional complication: Dr. Pape's definition of "occupation" is so broad as to include Marines guarding U. S. embassies. Any military presence in a country is "occupation" by his standards.

With such a broad definition, his thesis becomes less enlightening than irrelevant. The notion that we'll completely eschew use of our military, even for delivery emergency care as in Indonesia and Pakistan following the tsunami and earthquake, respectively, is fatuous.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Dave,
Just another educated moron IMO. There seem to be a lot of those around.