Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Is Barney Fwank In Twubble?

The long time Democrat incumbent is receiving a serious challenge from a Harvard educated ex-Marine Lieutenant named Sean Bielat - and it's going so badly that Bielat raised more money than Frank in Barney Frank's hometown.

The TCJ polls show Barney Frank at 46%, Sean Bielet at 35%,and 19% undecided - not good numbers for a 15-term incumbent, even in Massachusetts.

In fact things are so dicey that Frank actually loaned his campaign $200,000 of his own money.

ObamaCare is a different problem for Barney Frank than it is elsewhere in America, since the good people of the Bay State already have to deal with the joys of socialized medicine and are used to higher premiums and interminable waits to see a doctor. What really frosts Frank's constituents is the fact that they now have topay increased taxes to extend this benefit to the rest of the country, with no real benefit for themselves.

And Obama's 'stimulus', which Frank has continued to defend hasn't made him any friends in Massachusetts 4 either.

Then there's Frank's role in the Fannie/Freddie crisis.Frank's then boyfriend was senior Vice President of Fannie Mae and Frank had a a key role in the lack of oversight that led to the current debacle, something he's at least partially admitted. Again,that doesn't sit well with a lot of voters, even in Massachusetts.

And there's also the antics of his other lovers, one who was running a prostitution ring out of Frank's home and his current squeeze, who was caught cultivating a pot plantation.

Over time, such things add up.

The latest sign things aren't going well for Barney Frank? Would you believe an op-ed saying it's time he was sent on his way from - the ultra Left Boston Globe? Or that the majority of comments agree and are highly critical?

It will be interesting to see how this shakes out November 2nd.

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louielouie said...

all of the issues you mention here and he's polling 46%.
simply amazing.

Anonymous said...

America will continue on it's downward trajectory until one of two things happen -

1) All the ruling class elites, of which the traitor Barney Frank is one are removed from office. (and executed for treason) or

2) We hit rock bottom and become the United States of Argentina.

Rosey said...

Banney Fwank is toast! (I hope). That he's polling 46% proves Louie's sack o' hair theory. I believe Banney & Cwis Dodd together are largely responsible for the fall of this once gweat repubwic...