Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The O'Donnell/Coons Debate On CNN - First Impressions

I just finished watching the live stream of the Delaware senate debate via CNN. A few first impressions:

  • I give Christine O'Donnell credit for facing what was basically a gang bang. It was obvious that Wolf Blitzer and the other female 'moderator' both favored the Democrat Chris Coons. They were consistently tougher on O'Donnell, grilling her with tough follow ups while Coons got softballs, if he got any follow ups at all.O'Donnell also had her answers cut off when the 'moderators' wanted to move things along much more frequently than Coons did, and my impression was that the cut offs were not always time based.

  • O'Donnell's task tonight was basically to prove that she isn't a cartoon character and to show her serious side. Considering how the deck was stacked, I think she did reasonably well, although there were a couple of deer-in-the-headlights moments, most notably when Blitzer repeatedly grilled her for specific recent Supreme Court decisions she disagreed with. But overall she articulated her positions pretty well,

  • Coons' behavior was interesting, and I'm curious how it will play with the electorate. He was fairly rude and borderline obnoxious, and consistently acted as if O'Donnell's answers and statements as well as O'Donnell herself were beneath serious consideration. Statements like "I have trouble making sense out of what she just said" were frequent, and there seemed to be an obvious attempt by Coons to paint O'Donnell as a not-too-bright idiot rather than deal seriously with the issues she raised. Since O'Donnell's goal was to show that she was a serious candidate, the bottom line is whom Delawareans will see as the more successful tonight.

  • The idea of including video questions by U of Delaware students who were uniformly weighted towards the Left end of the spectrum (as well as being borderline coherent) hurt O'Donnell, and the amount of time it ate up worked to Coons' advantage, not hers. I'm surprised she agreed to it
  • , but it did have the advantage of showing exactly how far to the Left Coons is.

    In the end of course, that's what it comes down to. There were no home runs here. O'Donnell was effective at showing that Coons embraces Barack Hussein Obama's political agenda, and Coons did nothing to distance himself from it...the reverse in fact.He's for higher taxes, ObamaCare, unlimited abortion and embryonic stem cell research, cap and tax and virtually every other manifestation of Obama's neo-Marxist agenda.

    If that's what the people of Delaware want in the Senate representing them, they will definitely get it if they vote for Chris Coons. If they want a conservative voice that will cut taxes, vote to repeal ObamaCare and get spending under control, they have that choice with Christine O'Donnell.

    We'll see in November.

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    Anonymous said...

    Coons is just another manifestation of the pole up their butt democratic elite who think the electorate are all beneath contempt. The fact that the Republican party isn't supporting her too is disgusting. Their misogyny elitism is also apparent. Glad I've been an independent for 30 years.

    Anonymous said...

    To Independent Patriot : Greetings ! dragon/dinosaur, here, has also been an independent ( mostly pro-Libertarian ) for about 30 or 32 years. ( I can't recall where I was residing officially in 1978, so I may have been still officially a GOPer as of that year, albeit purely a Gerald Ford, libertarian, pro-Equal-Rights-Amendment one. ) I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments. ( Still, I recommend, gritting my teeth, voting for anything federally Republican at the US House, US Senate & US Presidential level in 2010 & 2012. )


    louielouie said...

    i would suggest you stop sugar coating it, and tell us what you really think.
    that aside.

    i would also like to take this opportunity to thank ff for soiling hisself, watching this, and reporting on this event so that we don't have to, soil ourselves watching CNN that is.

    also finally, the last paragraph of ff report is just about as close as i've seen ff come to using a sack and hair to describe the intelligence of the people of delaware.

    Freedom Fighter said...

    Oh I wouldn't say the people of Delaware are unintelligent...they merely have a clear opportunity now to make up their minds.

    From what I hear on the ground, a number of people are disgusted with both candidates and are going to avoid voting in this race.

    Of course, that amounts to a vote for Coons and Obama, and it will be interesting to see how many of them realize that by election day.