Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Democrats Create A New Low; 'I Had a One-Night Stand With Christine O'Donnell'

They're still capable of surprising me.

Complete with anatomical descriptions.

The author is anonymous, of course.

The odd thing is that whether he's lying or telling the truth, both the author (and Lefty site Gawker) have revealed themselves as being a lot more despicable than they think Christine O'Donnell is.

Of course, the real message the Left is sending is not to O'Donnell,but to other women - stray off the Left's plantation and we will destroy you. Even if we have to make something up.

No sense of decency whatsoever.

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B.Poster said...

Who the h*ll is Christine O'donnell any way? She is a candidate for office for the State of Deleware. House of Representatives is it not? Now my first instinct being from the state of TX is that what is it to me who Deleware picks as one of its Reps, Senators, or whatever. I doubt anyone in DE knows who my Rep is or the Senators from my state are. This is as it should be. It is nothing to them. Why should Ms. O'donnell draw such attention?

From what I have seen, she seems to be a bit of a strange sort but there is nothing about her to warrant such vicious attacks against her. Such things make me want to support someone who I probably would otherwise not support or have no feeling for. The bottom line is I don't like seeing people attacked unfairly.

Anonymous said...

The Politics of personal destruction was birthed by the nascent Democrat Party and unleashed against John Adams in 1796 to be considerably refined by the duo Billary and Willary.
Personal attacks and destruction have been employed as the primary modus of operandi by the democraps since that criminal syndicate began operations launched by the corrupt Aaron Burr Tammany Hall's founder.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous,

Forgive my french, but attributing personal attacks solely to democrats is partisan bulls*t. I have seen as much conservative mudslinging in these midterms as I have ever before. The fact of the matter is, politicians are low down, dirty, and ruthless, no matter what party they are affiliated with. If you want to point fingers, start looking within your own party first.

Freedom Fighter said...

Anonymous 7:13 AM - please provide an example of a Republican candidate attacking a Democrat female politician in the manner Christine O'Donnell, Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann have been savaged.

I'll save you the trouble, it doesn't exist.

Nor have we seen Republicans enthusing over films and novels discussing assassinating President Obama,calling for him to be murdered like Fredo in the 'Godfather'(Randi Roads, on Air America)comparing him with a chimp or saying openly 'he's not my president'. As you know, that was all fair game for George W. Bush.

You can certainly find corrupt and ruthless politicians on both sides of the aisle, but for sheer vitriol and the politics of destruction, there's simply no comparison. The Jackasses win hands down, and it has poisoned the political climate of America.

There's a reason for this, and it doesn't go back to Aaron Burr IMO but the 1970's , when Left Wing radicals began their takeover of the Democrats.

The party is controlled now by the disciples of Sol Alinsky.


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