Sunday, October 10, 2010

NY Senate Race - Can DioGuardi Win The Seat For The GOP?

He's behind Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand by 16 points or so depending on which polls you like, but the NRO's Matthew Shaffer has an interesting portrait of GOP senate nominee Joe DioGuardi and examines why the smart money shouldn't count him out just yet.

Personally I always felt Kirsten Gillibrand was vulnerable because of her past and her record in DC and I was hoping Rudy Giuliani would pull the trigger and get into the race. I think he would have won in a walk.

Apparently Gillibrand's lead isn't all that solid and she knows it, since she's refusing to debate DioGuardi.

An interesting read and worth the detour..

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Independent Patriot said...

Someone who is afraid to debate has no business being in the Senate.Maybe he will ask her about her defense of continued funding for ACORN and the fact that she did absolutely nothing except shill for Obama since she has been in the Senate.