Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reconquista: The Democrat's Civil War Surfaces

Much has been said in the dinosaur media about the war in the Republican party between the GOP establishment and the Tea Party insurgents. But very little has been written - deliberately so, I believe - about the civil war raging in the Democrat Party, as many relatively conservative democrats have seen their party completely hijacked by Left wing radicals led by Barack Obama.

An extraordinary window into the scope of that war surfaced today at the HillBuzz Blog, using the format of an open letter to Rush Limbaugh. That's not nearly as odd as it seems, since Limbaugh brilliant 'Reverse Operation Chaos' idea is directed at Hillary supporters, asking them to deliberately punish Obama by sitting on their hands and not voting.

The letter underlines something I've known all along - that Hillary Clinton was the rightful nominee of the Democrats in 2008 but had the nomination stolen from her by the party insiders, the 'Superdelegates', because they were unwilling to alienate George Soros, the nutroots and the Democrat party's Black constituency. And that a number of her former supporters haven't forgotten or forgiven:

None of this is being reported in the media, but a Civil War in the Democrat ranks has been raging since May 31st, 2008…a date every Hillary Clinton supporter knows well, because that was the date of the Democrat Rules & Bylaws Committee Meeting where Howard Dean (then-DNC Chair), Donna Brazile, and scores of other Kool-Aid slurping Obama flunkies took off their masks and revealed the full extent of the Leftist coup that had taken over the party. This was the day when the DNC took delegates Hillary Clinton won in Michigan away from her and handed them to Obama (despite the fact he wasn’t even on the primary ballot in that state, because he removed his name when his campaign realized he’d come in third in that race).

May 31st, 2008 was a day when Hillary “babes” (as you call us sometimes) like us flew to Washington in large numbers to stand outside the Marriott near the National Zoo, where this Rules & Bylaws Committee Meeting was held, to shout for the DNC to count all the votes and operate the nominating process fairly — but they refused. The anger over that day has never abated. In fact, it’s grown considerably since then.

I can’t imagine ever voting for another Democrat again, as long as I live. To Hell with Democrats. This was solidified for me on Christmas Eve of last year, when Democrats rushed Obamacare through the Senate in the dead of night, through various secret channels, and every single Democrat voted for its passage (even supposed moderates like Evan Bayh in Indiana, who quickly realized his vote would cost him re-election…so the coward retired rather then face angry voters over what he did). I just don’t believe Democrats should be given elected office by voters because they cannot be trusted to even read bills before they vote on them, not even when said bills seek to permanently alter the entire American economy. This is reckless and reprehensible to the point of treason.

...I was a Democrat for 32 years before the heavy-handed push for Obama alienated me from the party…and I borrow what Hillary Clinton said about Republicans once, back when she was a Goldwater Girl, and will paraphrase by saying that I didn’t leave the Democrat Party, the Democrat Party left me.

After it beat me to a pulp, called me a racist, berated and insulted me, and used Alinsky Rules to hit me with everything it had. Not just me, but all Hillary supporters.

In Iowa, I watched Obama’s ACORN and SEIU goons push and shove old people, bully them, and intimidate them when they wanted to vote for Hillary Clinton. I saw scores of Illinois license plates fill the parking lots outside caucus locations, with Chicagoland Obama supporters illegally entering the Caucus sites to vote for Obama and game Iowa for him. Having planned ahead, Obama supporters actually RAN those caucus sites, and held the doors open for all these fraudulent voters to walk right in, without being asked for IDs, where they then took control of the caucuses and bullied the Iowa residents into supporting Obama — lest they be called RAAACISTS! out in the open in front of their friends and neighbors in those open-air caucuses.

Even more interesting, the letter calls for a purge of the Leftist radicals in the Democrat party, acknowledges that it will probably take until at least 2016 and contends that most of the conservative Democrats and Hillary backers support - Sarah Palin:

Democrats took off the mask. The DNC reveled in being fully Leftist-controlled. Crazy people unapologetic in their Communist admiration took over positions of great influence not just in the DNC, but in our state and federal governments as well.

I’m horrified by that.

Hillary supporters are horrified by that.

...I know for a fact that people I worked with on the Hillary 2008 campaign have been actively working against every single Democrat who supported Obama’s nomination. Everyone who backstabbed Hillary Clinton is being undermined and sabotaged by people who might still be registered as Democrats but have no more loyalty to the party. Sometimes, conservative sites try to make this into a “sour grapes” sort of “Hillary’s revenge” meme — and there might be a taste of this in what’s going on — but the real driving force is that we former Democrats saw just how insane these people really are and we are now doing everything we can, behind the scenes, to use everything we know about the Democrat Party to collapse it from within.

If you think about it logically, there is not enough energy to sustain a years-long drive to remove Obama supporters from office just because people are still upset Hillary Clinton was not the 2008 nominee and is not president today. Sometimes, I think even you believe this is what this is all about. Your “Reverse Operation Chaos” initiative seems predicated on this, but that belief is apocryphal in that it misses a few big marks.

This is and it isn’t about Hillary.

What it’s really about is what the Democrat Party did to Hillary that alienated tens of millions of Jacksonian/Clintonian/middleclass Americans from the party permanently — and this includes what the party and Obama campaign did to Hillary’s supporters themselves (ie, calling them racists, telling them they weren’t wanted, calling them bitter clingers, etc.).

For the first time in our lives, so many of us former Democrats were given an Alinsky taste of what the Democrat Party really stand for…what it really believes…and how it really feels about America, our Constitution, our economy, and our way of life.

Howard Dean, Donna Brazile, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Obama took the mask off the Democrat Party…and the Leftist gorgon that lurked beneath is something America-loving, middleclass, Jacksonian/Clintonian Democrats want nothing to do with.

As part of your “Reverse Operation Chaos”, you really need to emphasize something the media just won’t talk about — and that’s the simple fact that even if you called yourself a Democrat for 32 years, the way I did, because everyone you grew up with and everyone in your family was a Democrat, that in 2010 it’s time to ask yourselves what that really means.

The reason so many of us support Governor Palin is not just because we see the same Alinksy assaults being waged upon her…but the woman is pitch-perfect in outlining exactly why Obama and the Left are wrong, and why Democrats under Obama are dangerous to have in elected office.

I know you talk about a “Hillary 2012″ but Rush, as much as I love Hillary Clinton, and as much as I worked my heart out for her in 2008, there’s no way that even she can repair the damage Obama has done to the party. Certainly not by 2012. MAYBE the Clintons and their supporters can purge the Obama lunatics from the party by 2016…but I doubt even that will happen. Just like with the Leftists Carter infected the Democrat Party with, Obama legacy hires will be in the DNC for a generation to come…and it might not be until the 2030s before the Democrats can remove the taint Obama and his Leftist agenda have put on the party.

Democrats have made themselves synonymous with anti-Americanism, anti-capitalism, and anti-democracy. Obama and his acolytes decidedly upped the ante when it came to their aggressive push towards socialism…and this Center-Right nation is resisting it in what I am certain will be an epic refudiation (to borrow the Governor’s term) next week.

On November 3rd, no one I know will be resting on any laurels. November 3rd starts the 2012 campaign…and not just the presidential race (where we’ll back Governor Palin) but the drive to knock people like Claire McCaskill out of office, continuing our work to take down every last one of the Obama supporters who backstabbed Hillary Clinton and helped install this socialist into the White House back in 2008. When you hear talk of a Hillary “enemies’ list”, or just “The List” as we call it in HRC supporter circles, this is very much real…and we are truly committed to making sure the Claire McCaskills out there get everything that is coming to them for all their service to Obama and his agenda.

This is by no means small stuff, or hard to understand.

Sarah Palin is, in essence, a Jacksonian who favors lower taxes, small government and a strong national defense, just like most of the Tea Party adherents. And like them - and like yours truly-she is a Republican only incidentally, because there simply is no place for such people in the Democrat Party any longer. I would include Rush Limbaugh and Ronald Reagan in that category as well - both Jacksonians who were left behind years ago as the Democrat Party lurched to the Far Left and became the radical, essentially anti-American edifice it is today.

Oddly enough, we live in a time when it is the conservative movement that is the home of liberals in the classic sense, before the term was perverted by th eAngry Left to mean something very different.

Kevin DuJan apparently understands this quite well. And what he is talking about here is nothing less than the re-surfacing of the Reagan Democrats. He is simply letting us know that he and many others see the distance between their positions and Governor Palin's and the Tea Party's as minuscule.

And there are a lot more of them out there than is commonly supposed. Even the New York Times is being forced to admit that.

My thoughts on all this? Welcome aboard. The more the merrier.

It's time to chase the thieves out of the Temple.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent post. I hope the author of that letter is sincere, because that bodes well all of America. Booting the progressives out of Washington is a long term effort, but we need to start somewhere.

B.Poster said...

If this is so, the supporters of Ms. clinton must be extremely disappointed in their candidate. Not only did she not get the nomination but she has bought into the Obama Administration hook line and sinker. She even carries his water as Secratary of State doing his bidding. In otherwords, there are few, if any, more enthusiastic supporters of President Obama than Mrs. Clinton is.

louielouie said...

imo, this is muchado about nothing.
the dhimis were saying the same stuff two years ago, and pulled the lever for hussein.
nothing has changed.
this is the money quote:

did to Hillary that alienated tens of millions of Jacksonian/Clintonian/middleclass Americans from the party permanently

to suggest there is any association between the political philosophies of jackson and sec. of state klebb is ludicrous at best. even to bring in the middleclass with klebb is a joke.
this person is just venting personal gas.

it's kind of the same sort about the stories of kahleefourneeans moving to oklahoma. given the populations of the respective states, they won't be missed where they are from, and will only serve to make oklahoma a little bluer. i do look a gift horse in the mouth. a free horse comes with free dental bills.

Anonymous said...

PUMAs trying to claw their way back into the limelight.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the rallying for Hillary while condemning Obama (I don't support either, never have, never will, never could), as to the "Saul Alinsky" dismissal of Obama while Hillary Clinton is likely as dedicated to the Alinsky methods and goals as Obama is. They are both Marxists, clearly, though Hillary plays her Marxism far closer to the vest than does Obama, it does not mean that they represent alternatives in that regard.

Though any of us non-Marxists would gladly welcome converts from Marxism as to support for Palin or any other Conservative. I'm just wondering here if the fascination for Hillary is relatively the same as the fascination for Obama among those who support either/or: cult of personality.

Freedom Fighter said...

According to the writer, about 8 million former Hilary supporters actually voted for McCain, based on the exit polls.

I don't think it was that many, but it was not a negligible number.

Also, Kevin DuJan is fairly well connected in Democrat circles.

I wouldn't discount this. Although if say, Hillary os running against Sarah Palin I don't really see Clintonistas supporting Palin.

What we have here is the rise of the Reagan Democrats, I think.

RightKlik said...

That story meshes well with this one:

Clinton on the stump: Does he really want Obama and Dems to win?