Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Sharron Angle/Harry Reid Debate

Behind in the polls and losing momentum, Harry Reid finally agreed to debate Sharron Angle head to head.

It may pretty much have sealed his fate.

Uberleftist David Corn's tweet pretty much says it all:

Reid concentrated on trying to characterizing Angle as a lunatic, calling her a a "wild" legislator who would outlaw abortion and dismantle Social Security.

Angle didn't back down for an instant, at one point repeating "man up, Harry Reid" as she kept after him to admit something we all know...Social Security faces major problems and is either going to need some changes or go under.

A particularly nice moment is when Reid called Angle 'extreme' for saying that it's not the role of a senator to create jobs.

Angle came right back at him with one of the best lines of the night, saying, "Harry Reid, it's not your job to create jobs. It's your job to create policy that helps create jobs!"

Angle did exactly what she intended to Reid with Obama,label him as a DC insider and emphasize over and over his votes to increase taxes.

I think Sharron Angle just showed the people of Nevada who the extremist is.

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Anonymous said...

The Dems are leaning on a bruised Reid.


louielouie said...

harry reid wins re-election in nevada.
reid 63%
angle 58%
we counted the votes last night.