Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Comedy Gold! Alvin Greene Interviewed By MSNBC'S Larry O'Donnell!

Man, this speaks for itself!

Some side points...note MSNBC's little "Deposing DeMint" logo at the bottom of the screen. So much for a fair and balanced news network, hmm? And I love how O'Donnell says that Greene is 'still the best choice for South Carolina' after this debacle.

And oh, Mr. O'Donnell? Get MessNBC to hire you some writers so that you don't have to continue to rely on snide Christine O'Donnell witch jokes. They weren't even funny the first time.

I'm just sayin'

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Lucas said...

PErfect man for the most trustworthy administration evah!

Lucas said...

DeMint started the reccession?!!! WTH?!!!!

Lucas said...

Oh man, this is painfull to watch. Sorry for all the comments I made before I saw the video!!