Sunday, October 31, 2010

Politico: "Grim Dems Await Huge House Losses"

And if the Democrat-oriented, Journolista staffed Politico is writing like this, the mood really is grim:

There is nearly uniform consensus among Democratic campaign professionals that the House is gone — the only question, it seems, is how many seats they will lose.

A senior party consultant who was on the low end with his predictions said the party would lose between 40 and 50 seats. On the high end, one Democratic consultant said losses could number around 70 seats.

All spoke to the grimness of the mood.

“It sucks,” said Dave Beattie, a Florida-based Democratic pollster who is working on a slate of competitive House races and who acknowledges that the lower congressional chamber is lost. “I’m resigned to the fact that it sucks.”

“If some Democratic consultant told you they are feeling better, they must have dropped some heavy drugs,” said a senior pollster who is working for candidates in competitive races. “It’s hard.”

“Everybody that is tied will lose, and everyone that is ahead by a few points will lose because of the GOP wave,” said one party media consultant who is involved in a wide array of House races. “There are going to be some surprises.”

“In a wave election, part of the problem is that you feel powerless. Everything I feel I know how to do, that I’m trained to do, I can’t do. And that feeling is pervasive,” said the pollster. “There’s a sense that there’s nothing you can do about it. When you know your friends are on the chopping block, it’s hard.”

“There’s nothing worse than talking to an incumbent member of Congress who’s been cut off by the DCCC and who has no money,” said another Democratic consultant who has worked on crafting some of the party’s TV ads this cycle. “It’s like talking to a dead man walking.”

Another sign of the times....a half full arena in what used to be deep Blue territory in Cleveland when Barack Obama and Joe Biden made their final "Moving America Forward" rally in an appeal to Democrats to get out and drink the Kool-Ade one more time.

And that's with the SEIU busing people in.

You can only fool people for so long.

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B.Poster said...

As someone who wants the Democrats to lose< I'm not nearly as pessimisttic about Democrat prospects as these people seem to be. All races that are tied will go to the Democrtas. All races where the Republican leads by 5 points or less will go to the Democrats. All races where the Democrat leads by points or less will go to the Demcorats. All races that are tied will go the Democrats.

I agree there will be some surprises. At least one race and probably multiple races where the Republican is projected to have a lead of 10 points or more will end up going to the Democrats. In fact, there will probably be more than one of these.

In this environmnet can the Republicans take the House and can they challenge in the Senate? WE shall see. What does seem clear is the Democrats are up to something by putting forth such dire predictions. I'm just not sure what they are up to. Maybe they are trying to energize the base or perhaps they wish to lull Republicans into a sense of complacency.

SecondComingOfBast said...

There's something going on in Cleveland, I don't know what it is, but it has to do with the Ohio Democratic Party in Cleveland, some kind of scandal that has ripped the party apart in that area. Obama went there to try to GOTV, because without Cleveland, the Dems will experience even more of a bloodbath than they ordinarily would in Ohio, which will be bad enough as it is.

If they can't GOTV there's even a possibility Kucinich could lose his race, which would have been unheard of a few weeks ago.

louielouie said...

completely OT:

when i was at the gym this morning, one of the monitors was tuned to cnbc i think. it was the wall street reporting show. there was some lady on sqawk box this morning saying that if obamacare is repealed, it will be the end of the US.

Rosey said...

If Harry Reid wins, all of Nevada should be declared a nuclear waste dumping site. The UN sucks. I went to see a doctor today, and got to experience the onset of Obamacare. I pray for it's repeal. I'm scared for our future.