Thursday, November 04, 2010

Britain Officially Recognizes 'Palestine'

Hardly surprising, and at least they're being honest about it now.

While the text of the treaty UK Foreign Secretary William Hague signed says "Palestinian territories" and that the agreement was with the PLO, the headline and subhead were written by the UK Consulate in Jerusalem as Elder of Ziyon points out.

Hague also made a point of referring to Britain's support for a two state solution based on the pre - 1967 borders "with a just and agreed solution for refugees and Jerusalem as the shared capital of the two nations.”

I doubt Secretary Hague was referring to a just solution for the almost one million Jewish refugees of the 1948 jihad 7 Arab nations launched on Israel - in defiance of a UN resolution. But then, Britain armed and in the case of Jordan officered the Arab armies who made no secret of their intentions to kill or drive into the sea every Jew in Israel - a mere three years after Auschwitz was liberated.

In a separate item, Britain broke its word to Israel - again- over Britain's 'universal jurisdiction' law, which allows pretty much anyone traveling to the UK to be subject to arrest and trial for alleged 'war crimes' no matter what the evidence. As you can imagine, Britain's 'anti-Zionist' activists have had a wonderful time with this law.

This has stopped a number of Israeli academics, politicians and military figures from attending conferences and meeting they were invited to, and like his predecessor Gordon Brown, newly elected British PM David Cameron told the Israelis that the law would be repealed 'immediately' so Israelis weren't subject to random arrest.

It never was and the law remains unchanged.

After Israeli minister Dan Meridor became the latest Israeli politician to have to cancel a trip to the UK because he was advised that an arrest warrant was waiting for him, the Israelis finally took formal action and suspended 'strategic dialogue' with the UK . That essentially ends bi-lateral relations between the two countries

It's pretty much clear which side the UK is on, and it isn't Israel's.

Drool, Brittania.

UPDATE: In response UK Foreign Minister William Hague promised publicly today that the law would soon be amended so Israelis can travel safely to London without fear of being arbitrarily arrested.

He promised the law would be changed within the next year, but told Israel not to pressure his government to move faster than the parliamentary process would allow.

"This is a parliamentary system and the government does not control all that," Hague said.

"I would expect it to be in place next year. but we will continue to do it to our own time table. We do not need any intervention by other foreign ministers in that process, including the Israeli one," he said.

Meanwhile some Islamist nut case from Pakistan is perfectly free to come to the UK, get welfare benefits and plot jihad. Israelis, on the other hand, are not welcome.

I think Hague's word is about as good as Gordon Brown and David Cameron's was. And at this point, it doesn't matter all that much anyway.

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