Sunday, November 14, 2010

Britain's New CIC: "Militant Islam And Al-Qaeda Cannot Be Beaten"

The new head of Britain's armed forces, General Sir David Richards, went public today saying that the West cannot defeat al-Qaeda and militant Islam.

This is the man newly in charge of all of Britain's armed forces!

According to the report, he believes "militant Islam" can't be defeated but can be "contained" by hearts and minds and by "education and democracy".

Apparently no one ever told him that the leaders of what he calls "militant Islam" have been mostly well-educated,and from the middle and upper classes. Not to mention the attacks, successful and unsuccessful that have originated from home grown jihadis in both the UK and America with all the benefits of education and democracy.

If nothing else, to hear the Commander-in-chief mouth such a disgraceful sentiment must have done wonders for Britain's troops serving in Afghanistan..and for their enemies. I'm reminded of General Stonewall Jackson's advice to one of his battalion commanders at Bull Run who ran up to the General and told him that the battle was lost - "If you think so sir, you had better keep it to yourself."

Of course, in the end, it's all about the money. The Cameron Government appointed this man head of Britain's armed forces for two reasons; first of all because he was a loyal Conservative Party horse and second because he can be depended on to implement further cuts in Britain's already anemic defense budget.

The first casualty of the UK's recently completed Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) was the scrapping of the HMS Ark Royal and its 80-strong Harrier force, something Britain's Royal Navy chiefs tried desperately to fend off to no avail. It will not be the last such 'economy measure'.

General Sir David Richards either does not have the least clue about what he's actually fighting against or he's simply being politically correct...perhaps both.

What he's actually at war with is an ideology, an ideology that is funded, nurtured and supported within a relatively small group of Muslim nations. Until we confront those nations, diplomatically or otherwise, the war of attrition - for that is what it is, an attack on our lands and our freedom, bit by bit - will go on.

Or to put it another way, a great deal more Islamist terrorism has originated out of Pakistan, Iran and a number of Saudi funded mosques and madrassahs than ever originated out of Iraq or Afghanistan.

Various politicians and even a few tame military/security figures would have us believe that this is a different kind of war, something new and unique. It really isn't.

The Nazis and the Japanese fascists had the same fanatic dedication to their ideology as the Islamists do today. They had their propaganda arms, their saboteurs, their apologists, their bought politicians, and their appeasement minded sympathizers in the West well before WWII broke out and all funded from their home countries and their sympathizers abroad. They had political 'fraternal' organizations and pressure groups like Mosley's fascists and the German-American Bund as well.

Then as now, the politicians of the West ignored what was in plain sight and allowed things to regress to the point where a bloody, horrific and unnecessary war resulted that the West could very well have lost. One chief difference is that in our own time, our enemies are just as evil and insidious, but militarily weaker than the Nazis and the Imperial Japanese. So they have been willing to devote more time, effort and money to increasing the rot from within.

These are the enemies General Sir David Richards refuses to acknowledge or fight.

As Stonewall Jackson told that long-ago colonel, if this is what he thinks, he should keep it to himself.

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Anonymous said...

You used the term ' well-educated ', but it really should be ' well-degreed ', for many of this era's degrees are simply pc ideology ( sc, idiotology, ) class-attendance-recognition documents & reflect the acceptance by the individual of the far-left ' teachers' ' pc philosophical idiopathy. I have worked with Poison-Ivy-League grads which literally didn't know what an apostrophe was, let alone how to use one. The departments for the pseudo-sciences ( psychology, sociology, & c, ) are replete with these characters. I'm glad I took the advice of an elderly, retiring, sympathetic provost & got out ( they were never going to give me tenure with my anti-pc views ), even though it meant a torturous readjustment for a couple of years. It would have killed me to have tarried there longer ( particularly, the accreditation games they play for European grads ).

Save for the maths & the true sciences, the degrees when quoted no longer impress me in the least. That's quite a change for me from 40 years ago.

PS, the West could survive with smaller War ministries & departments IF they were to terminate all Mahometan immigration ( save for true asylum cases, ) & deport immediately anyone which so much as stepped into a radical Mahometan church since 12 Sept 2001. You would merely need a lot of A-bombs on hand & the capacity sufficient for delivery anywhere in the world. ( I'm not a believer in nation-building. )


B.Poster said...


Your last paragraph nails it spot on!! I migt go a step further though. In the US at least, the immigration system is a total mess. We need to place a moratorium on all immigration for at least ten years. This will give us breathing space to fix our immigration system. There should be an indefinite moratorium on immigration from Middle Eastern/Islamic countries. It makes little sense to invite people into your house who wish to harm you.

As far as the A-bombs go, I agree. Unfortunately this government cannot even get that one rigbht!! With the propsed Start II treaty with Russia we will be reducing our arsenal and the means to deliver it. The Russian arsenal and the delivery systems that Russia has are already superior to what the United States has. By agreeing to reduce our arsenal and the means to deliver it we would only be placing ourselves at an even greater disadvantage than what we what we are currently in. In addition, there is the problem of how do you ensure Russian compliance with the terms of the treaty.

Increasing the A-bomb arsenal and the means to deliver it is a good place to start, however, ALL miitary and intellegence personnel in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world should be IMMEDIATELY be redeployed to the US borders and these borders should be secured. Ths redeployment gives us a fighting chance to defend our country. As it is right now, our troops aren't deployed properly and the way they are being used has worn down our military to the point that even basic national defense is problematic.

Anonymous said...

To BPoster :

A decade-long moratorium is fine with me. And, after that, when we do resume immigration, do let us invite some distinct, hand-picked immigrants, eg, Greek Orthodox Christians from Greece ( but, obviously, NOT the economists or bureaucrats or politicians!, ) & Buddhists & Hindus from India, Christians from Iraque, Jewish Israelis, some Christians from certain regions of the Philippines -- erm, you might notice a pattern developing here !

We might need the redeployment of our troops merely in order to be able to deal with Iran's A-bomb programme at some point after 20 Jan 2013 -- I think you can guess that I'm not contemplating ' boots on the ground ' activity in the case of Iran Irun Imrunning Imdeadranian !


PS, apropos of & in re Russia : I'm sure that Owe-bama will appoint someone dependable to verify Russian compliance. Someone like Anna Chapman. I mean, she really likes us, comrade. She told us so, tovarish. & she's cute -- think about all those press conferences which will have to be held. You do want someone who ' looks ' the part, yes ? I mean, da ?