Thursday, November 11, 2010

British Muslims Burn National Symbol Of Remembrance

Armistice Day is a very big deal in Britain, as you might expect. The UK suffered 658,700 dead in WWI and an additional 388,000 a mere twenty years later in WWII.

A revered national symbol of Armistice Day is the poppy, which is displayed and worn by Brits throughout the country and derives from the famous poem 'In Flanders Fields.'

A contingent of British Muslims had a special remembrance planned..protests where a large model of an Armistice Day poppy was burned in effigy,complete with signs saying that Britain's dead troops were burning in hell:

And yes, a lot of them are probably on the dole and getting welfare benefits.

How's that multiculturalism working out for you, cousins?

(hat tip, KGS at Tundra Tabloids)

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