Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Council Has Spoken..Post Thanksgiving Edition

I hope everyone enjoyed yesterday's festivities.

The votes have been cast, the sacred runes read and this week’s Watcher’s Council results are history. But before I get to that, a word, if you don't mind.

Yesterday we celebrated a holiday that is uniquely American...well, almost. Our pals residing in the Great White North celebrate Thanksgiving as well, albeit a month earlier and with entirely different traditions.

Our Thanksgiving comes from an innate gratitude for G-d's bounty and the fact that we live in a free country, with rights derived from our Creator, not from government. That's something the men who risked their 'lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor' for that principle understood innately, and we had best not forget that.

This week’s winner by a nose was Joshuapundit for JCS Mullen: ‘We Can Stop Islamic Extremism by Teaching People to Read The Qu’ran…’ , my fact checking of the head of our Joint Chiefs of Staff's fanciful remarks that 'radical Islam' is caused by poverty and illiteracy and that if Muslims really could read the Qu'ran themselves and understand it, all would be well:

I'm not sure which is more shocking...Admiral Mullen's ignorance of the Qu'ran itself or of the people who comprise the leadership and even much of the rank and file of the groups he's talking about.

They are mostly highly educated, from the middle and upper classes and know what's in the Qu'ran, the Sirrah and the Hadiths a lot better than Admiral Mullen apparently does.Let's look at just a few of these uneducated, poverty stricken ignorant Muslims.

Osama bin-Ladin came from a wealthy and privileged family in Saudi Arabia, studied economics and business administration at King Abdulaziz University and earned a degree in civil engineering. Dr. Ayman Zawahiri, the number two of al-Qaeda, was born to a prominent upper middle class family in Egypt and came from a large family of doctors and scholars.He graduated from from Cairo University in 1974 with an advanced degree, served three years as a surgeon in the Egyptian Army and later earned a master's degree in surgery.

Khalid Meshaal, the leader of Hamas holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Kuwait University. The late unlamented Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, a founder of Hamas attended al-Azhar University in Cairo and had a career as an educator. Another now deceased founder, Dr. Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi was a pediatrician who graduated first in his class at Egypt's Alexandria University. Ismail Haniyeh, the current Hamas political leader in Gaza graduated from the Islamic University of Gaza with a degree in Arabic literature,Dr. Mahmoud al-Zahar, Hamas' 'foreign minister' and bagman got his degree in medicine from Cairo University.

Hezbollah's supreme authority is Iran's Ayatollah Khamanei, but Sheik Hassan Nasrallah studied at Shi'a seminaries in the Beqaa Valley town of Baalbek, at Najaf, Iraq,and at Qom in Iran. Former chief of operations Imad Mughniyeh was a student in the engineering department at the American University of Beirut, while Naim Qassem, Hezbollah's second in command came from a wealthy merchant family and likewise studied at Shia seminaries.

There are a great many more examples, not least of which are a number of American jihadis like Sami al-Arian, the Fort Hood killer Major Hasan and Adam Yahiye Gadahn, who likewise were poverty stricken, illiterate and experienced the message of Islam only through what their imams and mullahs told them, right?

Yes, just a group of ignorant peasants with far less insight into the Qu'ran than Admiral Mullen. Some of them have only spent decades studying it.

Our non-Council winner was Stop Shouting with My Rebuttal to a Progressive who Admonished Me to Play Nice …. an inspired rant telling the Left that no, all is not well, the gloves are off and there are some pretty heavy scores to settle.

Here are this week’s full results:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

See you next week!

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