Monday, November 22, 2010

TSA To be Unionized

If you think dealing with the TSA is bad now, just wait until they're unionized.

The Federal Labor Relatons Authority just decided that the 50,000 TSA employees can vote on whether to be represented by the American Federation of Government Employees(AFGE) or the National Treasury Employees Union(NTEU).

Once they vote a public employee union in of course, the money, an estimated $32 million per year starts to flow - to the union bosses and then downstream to the Democrat party in the form of campaign contributions.

Of course, that's in violation of the 2001 Aviation and Transportation Security Act (ATSA) that established the TSA deliberately as a non-union entity and declares that TSA officers “in light of their critical national security responsibilities, shall not, as a term or condition of their employment, be entitled to engage in collective bargaining or be represented for the purpose of engaging in such bargaining by any representative or organization.”

Just imagine trying to confront TSA abuses or fire incompetent employees once there's a politically well connected Public employee union involved.

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Anonymous said...

The nightmare of the Obama administration continues. Whether by conscious design or whether they're just following their statist impulses, this administration is at war with the American people. Their ultimate goal is to break your will to resist further encroachments by the Left's growing socialist state. Remember the mantra of the Borg: "Resistance is futile." Well, that's also Obama's thinking. What's scary is how many Americans are still buying this.

B.Poster said...

When will someone challenge this in court? If the Bush Administration had come up with something like this and the TSA scanners, it would have taken about 5 minutes for the Courts to intervene and get an injunction or something stopping the implementation of the scanning equipment and would have very quickly struck it down as unconstitutional.

Since the Courts are largely controlled by Democrats and their operatives, it may be tough to find a judge willing to take the case and even if the opponents of this should win in Court how likely are they to win on appeal?

If unionizing these people is clearly against the law in "black and white" perhaps there may be some hope. In any event, I don't think this was ever about air port security it was all about getting another voting block for the Democrats. Democrat corruption appears to know no bounds.

Rosey said...

Call me naive, but I believe the free market will prevail. To wit, people are saying that they will not fly. Some mean never, or like me only when absolutely necessary. Example, LA is a 16 hr drive from Portland and probably a 1 hr flight. It makes no sense to take 2 days to drive. I may need to go to LA next year. I will weigh all the factors, cost of gas, cost of airfare, cost of hotel, violation of 4th amendment rights, etc. I cannot drive to New York or Tokyo, 2 places I may have to visit in the coming years. I will NOT fly for a vacation. I can drive the family to a number of fun places. As the already suffering airline industry starts to crumble, they will fight back or die. If they die they deserve to. Unless of course Bam decides to bail them out, hand them over to the unions and install a puppet management. Stock up on drinking water, dry goods and shotgun shells....