Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Last Night's Real Winner - Sarah Palin

One person who has to be particularly gratified about last night's results is Governor Sarah Palin.While she had some high profile losses among her endorsees, her batting average overall was spectacular, coming in at around .680 so far.

Governor Palin backed 43 candidates for the House, including superstars like Allen West. Thirty of them won, with nine other races still undecided, giving her a .700 batting average.

In the Senate, she did only slightly worse, 7 out of 12 for a batting average of .580..and that's not counting Joe Miller in Alaska, whose race is also still not decided. Among her endorsees? Marco Rubio for Senate in Florida, Pat Toomey for Senate in Pennsylvania, and John Boozman for Senate, in Arkansas.

One big loss for Palin was Sharron Angle, and I'm convinced that Sharron Angle only lost because Harry Reid trucked in thousands of Democrat and union operatives into Nevada in a massive GOTV operation that the RNC was apparently unwilling to put in place for the Tea Party favorite, who was a relative amateur in a big race like this. Without a real ground came, she came up short....but Governor Palin has hopefully learned from that.

Interesting exchange - as you may now, when Governor Palin was asked on "Entertainment Tonight" last week whether she'd run for president, she said she might, if there was nobody else credible to do it.

On "The Early Show" today, Senator Jim DeMint was asked about Palin's answer and asked if he could imagine a Palin-DeMint or DeMint-Palin ticket in 2012.

"I agree with her," DeMint said. "I would only consider if no one else was willing to do it at this point. Sarah Palin's done a lot of good for the country. She's gone out front and taken a lot of the slings and arrows from the critics. When women or minorities get involved in politics as conservatives, they take a lot of hits from the press. And she's done a lot of good for the Republican Party, and for our country."


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louielouie said...

imo, if ms. palin runs, the republican party will go absolutely insane.

Rosey said...

Looks like Orygun is a slightly smaller insane asylum atop the Mexifornia asylum. They elected a re-tread Dem, but just barely, so we can look forward to deficits as far as the eye can see, perqs for the unions, and maybe a sales tax to pay for government worker's pensions. So the question is where to flee to...Australia?

Anonymous said...

Oregon's businesses need the visiting Wash-state customers : the absence of a state-sales tax was a magnet for big-ticket-item buyers when I was there in the Packwood-Hatfield era. ( Have you any connexion with either downtown Portland , or, alternatively, a neighbourhood once called Jantzen Beach ? )


B.Poster said...

The Republican party will do worse than go insane if Ms. Palin tries to run as an R. The RNC leadership will cut their thumbs off before the allow her the nomination. One area of agreement between the elephant leadership and the donkeys is they both cannot stand Sarah Palin!!

If necessary, they will work together to knock her down a bit. I think they are thinking that there will be plenty of time to resume their conflict later. First common enemies must be vanquished or at least neutralized.

And to think I was told that elephants are smart animals. Well these elephants certainly aren't!! Ms. Palin could be a valuable ally to them in the fight against the donkeys. Unforunately the personal grudge against Ms. Palin that these folks have short circuits common sense. And to think they call her supporters things like "ideologue." Whose the ideologue now? I'd say it is the RNC and the elephant leadership. At least this is so, if we define ideologue by the usual definition of letting personal feelings get in the way of common sense.

PatD said...

Angle lost because 9% of white voters pulled the lever for Reid and Sandoval. That's where she lost.

No Latino backlash. No massive GOTV by unions. Those white voters preferred to vote for a GOP Governor and a Democratic Majority Leader. They voted strongly against Reid junior.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hello Pat,
All I'll say is that your interpretation of events differs from everyone else's I've heard or read.

Almost all of them cite the lack of a decent ground game in Nevada, as well as the millions of union dollars and the influx of union and Dem operatives into the state in the final days.

PatD said...

If you compare the Governor's race with the Senate race, you see that about the same number voted in both races. If there millions of extra union people voting, you'd expect them to vote against a GOP governor and for Reid's son. Didn't happen. Sandoval won with a larger margin than Reid won. You can figure this out from the NY Times excellent presentation of results:

The exit poll analysis shows where Angle list ground. I donated to Angle so I was disappointed in her loss.