Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nancy Pelosi Becomes Democrat Minority Leader

Well, it's official. San Fran Nan, along with harry Reid will be the leaders of of the Democrats.

As I said, it was always a forgone conclusion that she'd win. A large portion of what was left of reasonably sane Democrats got knocked off in the Midterms, and what was left was mostly far Left Dems in ultra-safe Blue districts.

One of the few halfway sane Donkeys who did survive was Heath Schuler ( D-NC) who actually had the stones to challenge Pelosi for leadership.

That's something he's definitely going to pay for and he had to have known he might be considering swapping parties and becoming a Republican.

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louielouie said...

i've thought the same about dan boren from eastern oklahoma. dist 3 when i was growing up.
he got elected as a dhim.
he issued a public statement after the election saying someone other than sanfrannan should be minority leader.
he's got name recognition in okieland.
why would he change?