Friday, November 19, 2010

Renee Elmers Wins! Etheridge Concedes.

I'm pleased to report that Renee Ellmers has defeated Mr. 'Who Are You' Etheridge in in North Carolina's 2nd District.

If you'll remember Ellmers was a Palin endorsee who won a tight race with no help whatsoever from the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) who spent thousands of dollars elsewhere for more establishment Republicans who ended up losing. She then was faced with a call for a costly recount she had little money left to fund, after which the NRCC turned their fat backs on a conservative who had actually won her seat.

Well, the recount is pretty much done, and Etheridge sourly conceded, citing 'dirty politics' and 'outside money' as the reasons for his defeat.

Ah well.

I'm particularly glad to Renee Ellmers headed for Congress. especially given her views on the War on Jihad.She's going to be dynamite.

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Lucas said...

Oh....what's that sound I hear? I know... It's a bunch of RINOs running for cover!

I can see 2012 all the way from Lisbon! :-D

Btw, Odumbo is here today.

Anonymous said...

If the voters had enough sense to take down Who Are You, Hare, & Bean there is perhaps some hope for the Republic and Constitutional limited government.
Only in Lalaland withits 22% real unemployment rate were the populace sufficiently stupid to retun Maam and Moonbeam to power.California has truly become a disgrace to the nation and I can't wait to leave it when my wife retires next March.