Wednesday, November 10, 2010

'Palestinians' Get $150 Mil From US - And A Graphic Example Of Where It Really Goes

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced today that United States will give an additional $150 million to the Palestinian Authority..which puts their take from the American taxpayers at well over a billion, not counting what we're spending to have General Keith Dayton train and equip a Fatah jihadi army.

Clinton announced the latest jirzyah in a joint presser with unelected Fatah Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, who claims there's a budget crunch.

Let's look at that, shall we?

Just by sheer coincidence, a report has surfaced that the 'Palestinian Authority' is investigating its formed Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei'a for reportedly embezzling something along the lines of $700 million. While the 'Palestinian' Ma'an news agency dismisses the report as 'groundless', it also notes that Qurei'a attempted to flee across the border to Jordan, and was stopped by the IDF - without any objection whatsoever by the 'Palestinian' government. That's small potatoes compared to what Arafat stole, but not insignificant. And hardly unique.

And speaking of Arafat, the 'Palestinian Authority' is using your tax dollars to put up an Arafat Museum to honor the man who murdered Americans and had two American diplomats kidnapped and tortured to death. The cost? A mere $3.4 million of your tax dollars. About what Sufa Arafat gets per month to pay for her lifestyle in Paris.

More here on what has to be the most successful con game in history.

And lest the factually challenged amongst you be tempted to say that Israel receives far more aid, remember that they spend over 85% of it right here - on US weapons and products.

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louielouie said...

well there is a bright side to this.
hussein and sec. of state klebb are both out of the country.
yeah, i know, it's not too bright of a side.
maybe hussein is taking this big long trip 'cause he knows there's not gonna be a second term to do it in.
maybe somebody will ask to see his BC to let him back into the country.
a guy can wish.

B.Poster said...

The United States faces massive problems right now. For starters: 1.)the economy is in the toilet,
2.)the national debt is massive, and 3.)American infrastructure is crumbling, and 4.)due to continuing military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere the US military is worn down to the breaking point so that even basic national defense is problematic.

As for problem 1, getting the government out of the way would be the best place to start as to fixing this. As for the other problems, we don't have sufficient funds to address them right now. Since we can't even afford to modernize our military or fix our crumbling infrastructure, we don't have the money to send 150 million to the Palestinians.

Some how we have got to get this government focused on actually solving America's problems and not on side issues like the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. How can we do this?

Is there ANY possibility that the incoming House can eliminate the funding to the Palestinians? Can the funing for Keith Dayton and his merry men be eliminated? I'm just asking.

Perhaps this money can be diverted to addressing America's infrastructure problems, perhaps it can be used to modernize the American military, or maybe it could be used to train and compensate more border agents.

In any event, this precious resource of 150 million dollars is being squandered on something that does nothing to solve any of America's problems and may make them worse. We have got to get this Government to redirect is efforts. Again, is there something the incoming House can do about this?