Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Obama Offer To Israel Keeps Melting

The longer the Israelis wait for SecState Hillary Clinton's assurances to Netanyahu in writing, the more those assurances melt away.

The big ticket item to entice the Israelis to bend over for an additional 3 month building freeze in Judea and Samaria were 20 F-35 joint strike fighter jets worth $3 billion. Of course, as I pointed out earlier, Israel was only going to get the jets if a peace agreement results...which means that the planes ( which won't be ready for delivery for months anyway) could be held hostage to get Israel to accede to even more of Obama and the 'Palestinians' demands.

Well now it seems like the US is refusing to even confirm the offer of the planes itself. US State Department spokesmouth PJ Crowley, when asked about it directly said “We are committed to maintaining Israel’s qualitative edge in the region – but beyond that, I’m not going to comment."

"I would just always caution that any time you have reports about specific things, some details may be right, some details may be wrong,” Crowley said.

The part of the offer ensuring Israel that this would be the last building freeze extension asked for by the US is melting away as well..because the 'Palestinians' aren't happy about it. Their idea is to continue to stall and have Obama and the UN 'deliver' Israel with all their demands given to them and not a single concession, as Mahmoud Abbas has said time and time again.

The 'Palestinians' are also insisting that the freeze to extend to Jerusalem, again something very different from what Netanyahu was told.

In view of all these little inconsistencies, Israeli PM Netanyahu has stopped everything and is insisting that he will not present Obama's offer to his cabinet for a vote until the entire offer is firmly in writing, with all the details exactly spelled out.

Apparently the Obama Administration is not happy about the insistence that everything be in writing. Anyone wonder why?

The pattern is familiar...the Israelis are being pressured for tangible concessions and the 'Palestinians' are being asked only to show up.

And you have to ask yourself what's really being 'negotiated ' here, since the 'Palestinians' insist on all their demands being met in full, with no concessions on their part.

Head 'Palestinian' negotiator Saeb Erekat, the right half of his old boss Yasser Arafat's forked tongue stressed that that the 'Palestinians' had no plans to compromise on any of their demands...just so there would be no mistake about the matter.

"Peace, as far as we are concerned, does not include giving up on any rights. It will be based on the establishment of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders – in addition to the return of refugees and the release of all prisoners."

Those 'prisoners' would be the killers convicted in Israeli civil courts of murdering Israeli civilians in brutal terrorist attacks. While no civilized society would want people like this loose, I can certainly understand why the 'Palestinians' would want such experienced cold blooded killers free again.

Erekat has pretty much spelled out why the 'peace process' is a waste of time. No Israeli government isn't going to roll over for what they want. Not after Oslo and the intifadah.

That Trojan Horse was a one trick pony.

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