Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thousands Of 'Palestinians' Honor Arafat's Legacy At Memorial

You can tell a great deal about people by whom and what they worship.

Today in Ramallah, the 'Palestinians' turned out to pay homage to Yasser Arafat.

Arafat's nephew, Nasser al-Qudwa, and the 'Palestinians' unelected capo del tutti Mahmoud Abbas spoke at the ceremony.

"We will continue to do everything in order to get to the bottom of Arafat's assassination and poisoning," al-Qudwa said. They had better start by figuring out which of the Rais' bed partners gave him AIDS:

Abbas, in true Mafioso fashion paid homage to his old boss, donning a kefiyah. "The Palestinian state will arise when it is cleared of settlements," he said, stressing that he would not sign a peace agreement that did not include the release of all Palestinian prisoners, whom he referred to as 'the pride of the people.'

There's absolutely no question about that. The 'Palestinians' make it a fetish to glorify murderers on a routine basis, many of them people still in custody after being convicted in Israeli courts for the most horrific and egregious slayings involving Israeli civilians, people no civilized society would want walking free on this earth. They are indeed 'the pride of the people' to the 'Palestinians' and are used as role models for the next generation to emulate. Yasser Arafat was the one who gave birth to that obscene culture, who planned it, fomented it, funded it and gave the orders, as the IDF found out when they raided his headquarters at the Muqata.

If nothing else, Arafat's niche in history is secure as the godfather of modern terrorism. The IRA, the ANC, the Baider-Mainhof Gang and a number of others of that ilk received training in murder and mayhem courtesy of the "Rais" (the Boss).

And it wasn't just Israelis Arafat ordered the murder of. There are a number of Americans in the body count,including two US diplomats Arafat had kidnapped and tortured to death, a woman and a black man. When the bodies were recovered, they were so badly disfigured that could only be identified by their dental records.

Aside from being a murderer, Arafat successfully stole millions of dollars in aid money donated to the Palestinians by gullible westerners in what has to be the most successful con game ever perpetrated in history.

With those credentials, it's perfectly fitting and appropriate that Abbas and his 'Palestinian' comrades should honor him and his legacy.It is a giveaway as to whom they really are.

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B.Poster said...

Ordinarily a respectable person would want to put as much distance between themselves and people like as they possibly can as quickly as they can. Essentially associating with people such as this much less actually giving them your hard earned treasure would be out of the question!!

Also, respectable people would not fault someone who wants put a fence separating themselves from people such as this nor would we even consider infering on people such as this the privledge of statehood. In the case of the American people, they can be forgiven for not being outraged at this. They are too busy trying to survive these trying times and trying to care for their families to really understand what's going on here.

As for the politicians and other leaders, they are not only associating with these people but they are giving them hard earned American treasure. They are in a position to know full well what is happen and to know the nature of these people. As such, the only logical conclusion is that these people are morally bankrupt!!

I trust that the "tea partiers" and others who will be taking their positions in the House pretty soon are not morally bankrupt. As such, I would expect them to work to disassociate America from people such as this forthwith!!

Rosey said...

Hey! They are merely honoring a Noble Peace Prize Winner...(just sayin')....

B.Poster said...

Does the "Noble Peace Prize" really mean any thing? At least does it mean what it is supposed to mean? In other words, its just a political prize that one gets for holding the "correct" political views. Aren't the primary voters on this Europeans. Haven't we known for years that Europe is morally bankrupt? I would expect much more from our people.

We've been told repeatedly that American foreign policy is about oil. Perhaps this plays a role, however, America has large deposits of oil and gas on its land and offshore that we can't even get to because of environmental regulations. Also, America has large coal deposits. Coal to oil technologies can be used to transform this coal to oil. In addition, more refineries should be built. In time, taking these steps will eliminate our need for foreign oil supplies.

The project should begin forthwith!! The sooner we start the sooner we can disassociate with such thuggish people. That is if our policy is strictly about the oil. Now if it isn't then we've got a bigger problem. In this case, we really are morally bankrupt.