Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Obama Doubles Down

Well, he didn't disappoint me. In his post-election press conference today, Barack Hussein Obama did exactly what I predicted - he called the election results a clear sign that 'we all need to work harder in Washington' to compromise on 'solving the challenges we face' and spouted off an example of an undoubtedly non-existent businessman he claims he talked to who supposedly told him all about how people are tired of obstructionism and 'political battles' and called for the GOP to join with him on 'those things we can compromise on' energy self-sufficiency.

This, from a president who put a ridiculous moratorium on off-shore oil drilling and touts cap n' tax, a policy that will cost millions of jobs and raise energy prices through the roof!

The first question he was asked - by the AP, no less - was whether he felt last night's results were a repudiation of his policies.

Obama's response? Nope...people are just all wee=weed up about the economy, so we just need to follow the same course, only faster!

“There is no doubt that people’s number one concern is the economy,” he said. “What they were expressing great frustration about is that we haven’t made enough progress on the economy.”

The notion of compromise is quite interesting.If the president was really all that interested in compromise, why now? Why not during the 'stimulus' bill, or the debate on ObamaCare,or any of dozens of instances during the past few years when any hint of compromise with Republicans was missing?

I assure you,the man who said that hand to hand combat was coming if the Republicans won and told his minions that the GOP would have to move his way has no intention of compromising. He plans to double down and then attempt to label the Republicans as obstructionist if they refuse to go along with his agenda, which continues to be repudiated by the vast majority of Americans.

Compromise is the last thing he has in mind. And if new crop of conservatives coming into DC is thinking straight, they will have nothing to do with it.

You don't 'compromise' between oxygen and carbon monoxide....and trying to do so is a recipe for suicide.

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louielouie said...

i can't wait to see if the explanation for the conservatives not agreeing to compromise is:
we won.

Anonymous said...

The putrid scent of burning fake martyr will waft its way to us for the next 2 years. He'll probably blame everything on Hillary's vast right-wing conspiracy. ( Where is she, by the by ? I thought someone mentioned, perhaps as a joke, at work that she is performing investigative research in Papua New Guinea or something. I recall how she visited Bangladesh with Chelsea during the 1996 campaign : she was not a happy camper. )