Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco

The infamous Zombie has come up with another gem of a photo-essay:

We here at TLC realize that our fabulous new hit series Sarah Palin’s Alaska may not appeal to all our viewers. We understand that a substantial segment of the population has no interest in watching Sarah Palin or taking a tour of Alaska.

And so it is with great pleasure that we’d like to announce a new show carefully designed to appeal to those of you who don’t like Sarah Palin, her state, or her values:

Come join Nancy Pelosi as she shows you around the wild places of her home district. All the sights and sounds of San Francisco, as you’ve never seen them before…with Nancy as your guide!

WARNING: These photos are pixelated and blurred where appropriate, but they are definitely NSFW or for viewing where they might be seen by young children...unless the kids are so unfortunate as to live in San Francisco, in which case they've already seen far worse.All of the photos are th ereal deal, and were taken in Pelosi's home district.

Full disclosure: I lived for over a year in San Francisco, before the Insane Left had fully taken it over. The change that has come over a once beautiful city in such a relatively short time is little short of depressing.

(Hat tip, memeorandum)

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