Thursday, November 25, 2010

Palin On Being Driven Out of Office By Bogus Lawsuits: 'We Wouldn’t Have Had a Pot to Piss In’

Sarah Palin talks about why she was forced to resign as governor on Dennis Miller's radio show...

(hat tip, Breitbart)

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B.Poster said...

Its nice to see Mrs. Palin is fighting back against this. I just hope its not to late. The conventional wsidom among much of the electorate is that she quit when the going got tough. In nactuality, she had no choice. What this is an example of is good person being forced from public office by powerful special interests.

The left is irrational. Had they simply let her be as Governor of Alaska everyone would have forgotten about Sarah Palin by now and her name would be a footnote relegated to the state of Alaska. As it is the result of all this has been to give her a national platform. They've actually increased the influence of a mortal enemy!!

Btw, ask Tom Delay about politically motivated prosecutions. He knows all about this. He's looking at life in prison even though he did nothing wrong!! The new members of Congress especially the "tea party" members should be alert. If they are not, they may get the Tom Delay/Sarah Palin treatment.

Anonymous said...

Good for Palin !