Thursday, November 04, 2010

Obama Takes A Roadtrip To India - At A Cost Of Over $2 Billion

Want fresh proof that President Barack Hussein Obama didn't get the message from the election on Tuesday?

The president is fleeing DC and getting out of a dodge with a four-day road trip to India.

He's taking along the majority of the White House staff, his personal Lincoln Continental Presidential limousine along with 40 other vehicles, two jets, armed with advanced communication and security systems, his personal Marine 1 helicopter, and a fleet of 34 US warships , including an aircraft carrier.

Then there's the special bomb-proof surface tunnel that is going to be installed by US Army engineers on the approach to Mani Bhavan, the Gandhi museum that the president's going to visit soon after he comes to Mumbai on Saturday.

The president and his entourage have booked a total of 800 rooms in Mumbai at the five -star luxury Taj Hotel and at the slightly less upscale Hyatt, where the 'help' will stay when they're not on duty. A similar amount of space has been booked at the equally opulent Maurya Hotel in New Delhi.

Cost to the American taxpayer? Around $2 billion when you include the cost of deploying the warships and the massive 500-man security detail.

$2 billion dollars for yet another vacation , while our country struggles with debt.

We no longer have a president, but a clueless, uncaring Bourbon king...Louis XIV redux.

UPDATE: Especially for all those Village Voice readers. It appears that Obama's ten-day jaunt will not cost $200 billion a day, but will likely end up costing about half that amount.

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louielouie said...

....far be it from myself to ever argue facts/details with ff, however, i have read elsewhere that that is not 40 vehicles, but 40 aircraft, and not just one marine 1, but three different ones. completely disassembled and shipped to india for re-assembly on site. the reverse will occur upon him leaving.
as far as hussein being clueless, i really don't care.
his overall job approval rating is over 40%.
now who really is clueless?
dumber that a sack of hair.
and one other thing, what member of the press corps is going to ask hussein about the cost of this trip vs. the money being put into paying unemployment benefits?
you think that is gonna happen?
the best description of this trip i have seen thus far is:
keep him. in return give us someone, anyone, who can understandably explain cricket to us.

louielouie said...

the headline of this article has lots of possibilities
i wonder if monkey boy can get a part time job with this detail.

Rosey said...

Since I have cut cable TV to save on expenses, because I am struggling, I don't know what, if anything the mainstream media is reporting on this, but I am beyond furious. I have been secretly hoping a cracker would take a pot shot at BO, and now that we'll have a repub speaker, it won't be so unthinkable, assuming they take out plugs McBiden too. Look they write this stuff in spy could happen, right? Tone deaf doesn't even begin to describe it. Could you imagine if Dubya had pulled anything like this?

Freedom Fighter said...

Rosey, I understand your frustration but I neither condone nor endorse the idea anyone 'taking a pot shot' at the President or Vice President of the United States.It is simply wrong, and I would appreciate it if you and everyone else kept any sentiments they might have like that to themselves.

As much as I think President Obama is bad for the country, as much as I despise many of his personal qualities and would like to see him out of the White House, I never forget that he's an important symbol of our well as the father of two little girls.

Th eLeft behaves that way - let's not emulate them.


Rosey said...

Of course you are right; and I am wrong. I don't condone that sort of thing. I am venting aloud thoughts that I have been, and should be keeping to myself. Reminds me of "The Virgin Spring," did you see that movie? Thinking bad thoughts about someone and hoping it happens.

I was "frustrated" before I heard about the price tag of the India trip. Now I am furious.

So I will leave it there, and bid you good night.

Freedom Fighter said...

No problem bro..I understand,and yeah, I saw the movie.

Nitey nite.

Anonymous said...



Freedom Fighter said...

Actually it was supposedly $ 200 Mil PER DAY. Please read more carefully.

Actually, it's probably closer to half that amount. And I said so, although we're not sure exactly what this out of control child is spending..since the White House remains mum.

And yes, a lot of us vote. Were you stoned last Tuesday?


Moishe Pippick said...

Look I'm glad you're reasonable enough not to endorse assassinating the President, but you're not dong yourself any favors by taking the word of an unnamed source in an Indian state government over that of the Pentagon and Fox News itself which has rescinded this story. Use reason! Rely on facts and logic.