Sunday, November 07, 2010

Keith Olbermann - The Latest, And A Memorial Tribute

The latest on the indefinite suspension of Mess NBC own foaming-at-the-mouth mad dog is pretty much jibes with what I heard Friday from one of my notorious Little Birdies.

Obermouth, who is notoriously difficult to deal with on a day to day basis made too many enemies, especially for someone earning $7 mil a year with his declining ratings, especially since Left wing rant at MessNBC is now adequately covered by Rachel Maddow( who gets better ratings) and Larry O'Donnell, both of whom earn a lot less.

That, and the sudden nature of what went down leads me to believe that this was something of a set up,with somebody in MessNBC leaking to the Politico that a little check of the FEC filings under Mad Dog's name would yield some low hanging fruit.

Obermouth also apparently refused outright to do an on-air confession and apology, which fits in with his notoriously bloated ego - and likely pulled the plug out of the efforts of any remaining friends he had left at MessNBC to get him back on the air.

But apparently the suits at MessNBC decided that he was too much a part of their left wing rant 'brand name' - and Oldermouth will be soiling the airwaves again come Tuesday, November 9th.An online petition calling for his immediate reinstatement, run by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee that exceeded 250,000 signatures probably helped as well. AFter all, that's about half of MessNBC's nightly audience!

One unusual aspect of this is that a number of conservative voices,including people Olbermouth has regularly demonized on the air called for his reinstatement.Go figure.

Ah, well. Olbermouth is back Tuesday night. Meanwhile, enjoy the greatest hits tribute to this spittle soaked maniac above.

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louielouie said...

pelosi as minority leader.
reid in the senate.
der olbermann on msnbc.
what else could a conservative ask for?
election 2012 begins noooooow.

Anonymous said...

To Louielouie :

Thanks to Owe-bama, our prez election campaigns are now almost 2-year affairs ( he started in earnest in late 2006 ) ; ergo, I, dragon/dinosaur, have decided to announce that I will not be a candidate for the presidency in the year 2012. Having consulted my friends ( both of them ), & after having consulted my pet cats ( both of them ), I have decided that I should spend more time with friends & cats.

On a serious note, I implore that all of you Republican candidates wage a civil contest for the GOP prez nomination & then close ranks when the issue is decided. Please do not repeat the betrayal of my Gerald Ford which occurred in 1976. We already have a latter-day Jimmy Carter in office, & it is essential that a replacement be elected in Nov 2012. Please do not screw this up, GOP, with internal partisan bickering : any of the presumed candidates would be several steps up, several stairways up, from the current occupant of the Penn Ave mansion.

I am dragon/dinosaur, & I approve this message.