Monday, November 08, 2010

Karl Rove Drinks The Tea - And Sarah Palin's Pouring

He's late to the Party,Karl Rove is - but it looks like he's finally arrived.

Sissy Willis notes that Karl Rove, after all his bashing of Sarah Palin and the Tea Party appears to be finally getting on the train instead of being run over by it:

"Are you and Governor Palin getting along?" Sean Hannity playfully taunted Karl Rove with the other night. We'd missed it Thursday and just caught the exchange in wee-hour reruns this morning. One more notch on Sarah Palin's love belt? Even as a willfully fact-challenged, illiterate Chris Matthews death rattles "Have You Ever Been an Eyewitness to Her Actually Reading Something?" Karl Rove reads the tea leaves and begins to see the light:

ROVE: The other night [election night] she took a picture of me, and Brit Hume and I were studying Alaska for Dummies, consciously. During the break, we were over there reading.

HANNITY: So this media stuff about, you know, your comments that maybe she shouldn't be doing the documentary?

ROVE: Well, look. My job is to, sort of, comment on those kind of things, and look, I understand she's an unconventional politician, and I may be coming at it from a conventional perspective, but you know, I didn't mean offense by it, and I'm sorry if she took it, and I did — the other night, she laughed when she saw Hume and me studying Alaska for Dummies, and I hope to go there in response to her travelogue on the Discovery Channel.

Did you hear that? The Discovery Channel's "Sarah Palin's Alaska," the "reality show" Rove dissed just the other day as lacking "gravitas," is now a "travelogue." How 'bout that.

Better late than never, eh Karl?

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louielouie said...

i'm not buying it.
rove is a bushist.
internationalist in the mold of james baker.
i'm not buying it.

B.Poster said...

I'm not sure Mr. Rove gets it. This may be a trick on the part of the Republican elites. About the only thing Democrats and Republican elites agree on is they both absoultely fear the tea party and neither of them would shed a tear of sadness if it went away.

Ms. Palin is not an "unconventional politician" as Mr. Rove suggests. She is not a politician at all. She holds no public office nor does she hold any postion within the RNC or any other decision making group within the Republican party. She is a "media pundit," "author," and "social activist." Assigning her the label of "politician" of some type is assigning her more influence than she actually has. In doing this, it would appear that Mr. Rove may be up to something.

Btw, what's wrong with Ms. Palin doing a documentary on the Discovery Channel regarding Alaska? The media elites are breathless with rage over this. With that said it does somewhat surprise me that a leftist organization like the Discovery Channel would give Ms. Palin a forum for any thing. In agreeing to do this, they must see the opportunity to make money from themselves and they will no doubt make sure Ms. Palin's political views are kept out of the show.

I don't get the fuss over Ms. Palin either from friends or foes. It's actually somewhat entertianing to watch and listen to.

Freedom Fighter said...

Oh, I'm not either.

Rove just smells which way the wind is blowing and wants to have a seat at the table when and if.

Remember, Dubbya is history, and Jeb will not be in a position to run in 2012.

louielouie said...

apparently, momma grizzly is in phoenix today.
she is giving bernanke a good roasting i understand.
i don't think the republican party will stand for it.