Thursday, November 18, 2010

House Dems reject GOP Bill To Defund NPR

Hardly a surprise, considering it's the lame duck session and many of the disreputable Democrat hacks voted out of office still have a seat until January.

The proposal, failed by a vote of 239-171, pretty much straight party line.

NPR praised the outcome, saying "good judgment prevailed as Congress rejected a move to assert government control over the content of news."

'Control of news'? No one's telling these partisan Leftist shills what news to run. The House Republicans merely object to everybody having to subsidize it.MessNBC pays for itself and so did AirAmerica - well, at least until they ran out of underprivileged kids' charities to steal from. Why not NPR?

Let them hit up George Soros, the Tides Foundation or the DNC if they can't pay for themselves.

This bill being defeated was a forgone conclusion since it was introduced during the Lame Duck Session, but it was still a great idea. Let the Democrats be associated publicly and on the record with keeping some of their unpopular fascist allies feeding at the public trough.

Come January, Eric Canter and the boys can go after NPR again with a vengeance after 85 new GOP congressmen get seated, and the results are likely to be different.

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