Monday, November 15, 2010

Netanyahu Presents 90-Day US Settlement Freeze Proposition To His Cabinet

Coming back from an electoral drubbing in the midterms and what amounted to a humiliation at the G-20, Barack Hussein Obama has focused on Israel as the source of a possible win to sweeten his return to DC.

Accordingly, Israeli PM Netanyahu presented the US proposal to his cabinet. And while it might have at least been worth entertaining from a different president, coming from Obama it's frankly, atrocious.

How bad it is can be judged by how it's being misreported.

According to the dinosaur media, In return for the freeze, which would not include construction in East Jerusalem, the Israelis would receive 10 advanced U.S. F-35 fighter jets and other military aid in a package worth about $3 billion, as well as a U.S. pledge to block Palestinian attempts to work through the United Nations or other international bodies to achieve statehood. Specifically, the United States would veto any U.N. Security Council resolution that affirmed international recognition of a Palestinian state.

Obama administration officials also promised that this would be their last request for a settlement moratorium.

The devil's in the details, as a number of the members of Netanyahu's coalition have pointed out.

First of all, that additional squadron of 10 F-35's in conditional - Israel only receives it if they knuckle under to whatever other demands the Obama Administration deems necessary for a 'peace agreement'.

In the very likely event the 'Palestinians' torpedo that with unreasonable demands, Israel gets nada, nichevo, nothing.No $3 bill worth of F-35's, which won't be ready for delivery for quite some time in any event.

Second, about that US pledge to use its Security Council veto to block any Palestinian attempts to declare statehood on borders of their choosing via the United Nations. Believe it or not it's actually a major step towards the Arab position on the part of the US.

What Obama is offering now is a guarantee for one year only, after which all bets are off.

For the 'Palestinians' to attempt to bypass negotiations by going to the UN would be a gross violation of both the Oslo Accords and the Road Map, which explicitly state that a 'Palestinian' state will only be supported by the US if it occurs via direct negotiations between the parties.For the US to veto such a UN resolution was our pledged, default position.

Why should Israel have to give anything to Obama for simply keeping its word and adhering to past U.S. policy? The very fact that Obama regards this as a 'favor' to Israel gives you a good idea of his deep animus to the Jewish State.

Is Bibi being blackmailed that if he doesn't knuckle under, the US will simply stand aside and allow a UN resolution to happen?

If the new Obama 'pledge' is only a year-long commitment, there's absolutely nothing to stop the 'Palestinians' from simply pocketing this latest concession, waiting out the year and then going to the UN - while Obama smiles, shrugs and has the US abstain.

For that matter, there's nothing to stop Prez Zero from breaking his word any time he feels like it.

Obama made an important change when he took office. Instead of keeping America's UN Ambassador as part of the State Department, Dr. Susan Rice is a cabinet level appointee who reports directly to Obama.

The Israelis have no guarantee that there won't be a 'mistake in communications' or a 'procedural glitch' except Obama's word - which has proven to be fairly worthless in the past when it comes to Israel.

It's the usual pattern, the Israelis are being pressured to give up something concrete while the 'Palestinians' are being pressured to do nothing but show up.

In fact, the latest from the 'Palestinians' is that they want more than just an Israeli building freeze to show up, they want additional jirzya!

According to the London paper al-Quds al-Arabi, 'Palestinian' sources revealed that the 'Palestinian' leadership was waiting for a commitment and aid package from Obama in return for resuming direct talks with Israel.

The sources said the 'Palestinians' wanted the United States to commit to signing a peace agreement within one year, demarcation of the Palestinian state's borders within three months, and a solution for the refugee problem, as well as a hefty financial aid package.

Let's translate - 'demarcation of the Palestinian state's borders' means the pre '67 lines including half of Jerusalem. And a 'solution for the refugee problem' means that after 'Palestine' is established, they will have the right to swamp what's left of Israel with a bunch of genocidal 'refugees' in a process they call Right of Return.

Palestinian capo del tutti Mahmoud Abbas has already stated numerous times that all of their demands are non-negotiable, so none of this is hard to figure.

Will the Israelis cave? I like to think they won't, since Netanyahu is getting absolutely nothing concrete and tearing apart his own coalition.The best thing for him to do would be for him to present to his cabinet, have it fail and simply tell SecState Clinton he tried.

But it remains to be seen what will happen. And the vote may be close either way.

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Anonymous said...

Obama is worthless and distrusted worldwide. Wherever he goes he makes a fool out of himself and the US. Whether it was kowtowing in Indonesia or trying to strong arm the South Koreans to change the trade agreement. China is laughing at us and spitting in our face about the currency devaluation issue. The only place Obama has to go to try to redeem himself is to bully Israel. The Republican controlled house can't get here fast enough.I think some congressional investigations are in order.

Oh and don't' get me started on that ignorant snake Rice at the UN.She not only would sell out Israel, the bitch would sell out the US. She has already sold out the women of the world. BTW I have my own theory why the UN ambassadorship was taken away from State. Apart from the fact that she slandered Hillary during the campaign, she thought she was going to be Sec State and when Obama turned to Clinton he had to mollify Rice and her supporters some way.