Monday, November 29, 2010

The Swiss Vote To Deport Immigrants Convicted Of Crimes

( video cheerfully swiped from the Baron at Gates of Vienna, with an additional thanks to Steen for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling)

The Swiss People's Party, who were behind the successful referendum to ban minarets have scored another victory.

Foreigners convicted of serious crimes such as rape, murder and robbery will now be immediately expelled from Switzerland, presumably after their prison sentences.

52.9 percent of voters and a majority of Switzerland’s cantons supported the Swiss People’s Party initiative calling for the expulsion of foreigners convicted of crimes ranging from murder and rape to drug dealing and social security fraud.

While the linked article doesn't state it ( it is, after all, from the New York Times) the term 'foreigners' is a euphemism for Muslims, who make up the vast majority of perpetrators with foreign backgrounds.

Christian Blocher, the People’s Party leader, presented figures during the campaign showing that while foreigners make up 22 percent of the resident population, they account for 54 percent of convictions for grievous bodily harm and 62 percent of robbery convictions. “Prisons do not stop crimes,” he said. “The only way to go about it is to force them to leave the country.

The center-Right Swiss People's Party has a fairly hard line on immigration, law and order and Islamism and came out of the 2007 elections as Switzerland’s largest political party, with 29 percent of the popular vote.

The current referendum could be test run for the general election next year.

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