Friday, November 05, 2010

LATMA's Latest - SOTA Israeli Political Satire!

A really good one this week. A few notes:

The Peace Sacrifices Choir is a satire of the Leftist ventilating that occurred over the anniversary of Israeli PM Rabin's assassination which occasioned a sparsely attended but well covered 'peace' rally'in Tel Aviv rife with Israel's Leftist 'celebrities.'.

The piece is called "sacrifices for peace", a reference to Rabin's horrific and asinine name for the hundreds who were murdered or injured by Arafat and the Palestinians after the Oslo Accords during the so-called 'peace of the brave."

In view of the fawning coverage by elements of Israel's media, this needed to be said. Especially when Israel is being pressured to do exactly the same thing again.

"Just sing a song of peace

This way you won't have to think"

The sketch regarding the UN refers to UNESCO's despicable decision to bow to the Islamic world's control of a once impartial international body and officially declare the Jewish Holy Site where Rachel is buried a mosque... whih of course means Jews should have no access to it.

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