Sunday, November 14, 2010

The TSA Goes Berserk

After 9/11, the Bush Administration established the Transit Security Authority at great cost with the idea of improving our airline security.The idea was sound, but the way it was pursued guaranteed a dismal failure.

To begin with, the Bush Administration ( and the Obama Administration doubly so) shied away from looking at who was actively committing the terrorism - Muslim Males 18-45 - and attempted to do random screens on everybody.

Second, many of the people hired by the TSA, to put it bluntly, were not security personnel but low level public employee types, exactly like the people you see employed in Post Offices, Social Security Offices, Depart of Motor Vehicles offices and other low level government bureaus.

And many of them performed with the sort of speed, efficiency, courtesy and regard for the public's well being associated with such government facilities.

Rather than invest in training real airport security professionals, developing skills in profiling and checkpoint procedures designed to highlight extra attention on more likely suspects, our approach has been that we'd rather everybody was miserable rather have anyone singled out..especially memebrs of the Religion of Peace. So we devoted our energies to making 60-year-old grandmas and five-year-old kids take their shoes off and do the security dance while an imam from Brooklyn or a 19-year-old male student from Pakistan walks right on to the plane.

Needless to say, this politically correct nonsense failed dismally, and the jihadis have won.

It's now at the point where, if you want to fly, your choices are scope or grope.

The TSA is now using electronic scanners the Obama Administration ordered installed at a cost of over a billion dollars that provide full images of your naked body or those of your wife,children and daughters to the sort of people who work for the TSA. And yes, those full color images can be stored and exported.

If you chose not to be scanned, a TSA employee will be assigned to physically search you, and you're at the mercy of whatever they chose to do.

In fact, a number of charges of genital groping, sexual assault and fondling have being leveled at TSA employees, both by passengers and by flight personnel..and if you've flown recently, you know that not a few of the TSA agents are enjoying their current power fix.

That certainly includes Janet Napolitano who says it's either scopes, gropes or a fine.

As Dymphna in a must-read post over at Gates Of Vienna writes, this has gotten to the point where it is beyond ridiculous:

Tell me something: the Israelis don’t have these humiliating searches, nor do they have terrorist attacks on El Al, so what do they do to quell the natural killer instincts of their adversaries? You know for sure that jihads salivate as they contemplate the glories of bringing down an Israeli plane loaded with evil Joooos. In their dreams, kiddo.

Why can’t we simply figure out what Israel does and take a large helping of “me, too”?

Fat chance. Back here in Bureaucratic Overreach USA, the process of being ‘profiled’ and searched is reaching new depths of stupidity and depravity. You have to really need or want to be somewhere to put up with this degradation.

We don't do it because, well, pick from the list:

(a) actually hiring trained security personnel would eliminate the positions of a number of typical low level government employee types, and that would not be politically desirable, especially with a Democrat Administration in the White House.

(b)The Israelis are honest enough to admit where the terrorism actually originates,and thus have no compunctions about going to the heart of the matter, as it were. Whereas we are saddled by our President and the head of the Department of Homeland Security using asinine phrases like 'man-made disasters' - which of course have nothing to do with Muslims or Islamism.

(c) The last thing we'd want is that any member of the Religion of Peace should be singled out, inconvenienced or made to feel awkward in any way. Better a thousand women and children groped, assaulted and scanned by TSA goons than that!

(d) Besides, we can just keep throwing money at the problem instead of doing something that actually works.

The Israelis have a different approach. They don't trust scanners, which can be fooled.They place their trust in time honored human watchfulness, dedicated and highly skilled professionals, procedure that works and seemingly casual interrogation at a number of points of anyone whose persona,paperwork or story seems a little 'flaky'.

They also are highly skilled at profiling, and use it. And not necessarily ethnic or racial profiling. There's the true story of a pregnant Irish girl who told the chatty Israeli security officer that no, the baby's father wasn't in Dublin, but a 'Palestinian' currently residing in Ramallah. And yes, he had given her a wrapped gift to bring home to her parents. When the Israeli bomb squad carefully dismantled it, they found a nifty little semtex bomb all set up to detonate over the Mediterranean.

But profiling and using highly trained security personnel is not how the Obama regime wants the game played. So we won't be learning from the Israelis' successful track record and applying it anytime soon.

Instead we're spending billions on what amounts to an involuntary tax to avoid the ire of Eternally Insulted Islam. This is jirzya, the monetary tribute from infidel to Muslim written in huge numbers.

Big Sis and Obama have decided that this is the way it's going to be, and if you don't like it, don't fly.

They simply don't care, and besides, they know better than you do.

(a richly deserved hat tip to JA Member Louie Louie and to Dymphna at GOV)

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louielouie said...

my apologies.
i can't read your essay.
the header visual is stuck in my head, and i can't concentrate on what i'm supposed to be reading.
also, my head keeps bobbing back and forth from the laughter, making it difficult to keep my place.
so, like i said, i can't read your essay.
i'm sure it's good though.

Dave Schuler said...

Israel's security system's objective is to prevent terrorists from getting on planes; ours is to prevent weapons from getting on planes.

Our approach is fundamentally security theater since practically anything can be used as a weapon.