Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Quote O'The Day..Regarding Sarah Palin

“I like Palin because too many people I don’t respect hate her” -

Dennis Miller to Craig Ferguson.

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B.Poster said...

That's a great quote!! Leave it to Dennis to express my sentiments much better than I seem able to.

He likes Mrs. Palin for much the same reason I do. There is really nothing special about her record nor is there really any reason for the extreme hatred that the media, Democrats, and the Republican leadership have for her. She is a former politician and currently a media pundit and an author.

She holds no public office. She holds no leadership position within the RNC. Furthermore she is not an important member of the news media. In other words, she doesn't have her own talk show or news anchor position or any thing like that.

There is absolutely nothing about her that warrants such attention. In other words, the extreme hatred some have for her and the extreme adoration others appear to have for her is unwarranted. On one hand, the attention this woman is getting is actually somewhat amusing. On the other hand, it shows a larger problem. This is fundamentally not a serious country right now.

Mrs. Palin's influence over public policy is quite limited. In addtion, she has no chance at the Republican nomination for any thing right now. The Republican leadership would never allow it. A serious people would be spending more time focusing on the people who actually influence public policy. To spend so much time monitoring a low level media pundit is simply silly.

Finally, I "like" Mrs. Palin in the sense that she and I seem to agree on many issues of importance but the attention she is getting is simply out of proportion with the minimal influence she has.