Sunday, November 14, 2010

Top Black Democrat Bends Over For Back of The Bus Treatment From Pelosi


(hat tip, Chris Muir at the one and only Day by Day)

My, my.

Let no one deny that San Fran Nan understands the Democrat Plantation system.

Faced with 'uppity' Black Democrat Jim Clyburn,(D-SC) the ex-Whip pushing to retain his position against White Democrat Steny Hoyer(D-MD), Nancy Pelosi went into action and pushed Hoyer as her pick for the Number two slot of whip as she becomes Minority Leader. And then, she demoted Clyburn to an imaginary 'assistant leader' number three slot she just suddenly created, one that doesn't even have a specific duties!

And Clyburn? He was sho' nuff grateful, and reached out to his fellow Congressional Black Caucus members, some of whom were a little uncomfortable with all this:

"With your support of Nancy's proposal, I hope to continue to work towards building consensus within our caucus and bridges to communities and constituents across the country."


I could be wrong, but I get the feeling more and more Black folks are starting to look at things like this and reconsider their lockstep in the Democrat Party plantation.

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Anonymous said...

I wish that I could be as optimistic as you, but, having listened to several samples of so-called urban radio, ( sc, Black victimisation ideology transmissions, ) I have the impression that the lemming instinct is still turned up to full throttle for about 90 per cent of Blacks. I have listened to quite a few radio stations in several different US cities during the past year during business travels, & for a lot of Blacks ( not all, but a lot, ) it's always Whitey's fault.


louielouie said...

i have to agree with d/d, i think ff is far too optimistic.