Friday, November 19, 2010

Heavy Armor Sent To Afghanistan

Well, it's about time.

The US is sending over a contingent of M1 Abrams Battle tanks to extend a little shock and awe to our enemies in Afghanistan.

The Abrams is not a mountain climber, but is incredibly valuable in flatter areas like Helmand for fire support and for cordoning off areas for search and recon.Its 120mm gun can easily take out a building over a mile away. with unerring precision.

This represents a step up ( along with increased drone attacks, Special Operations night raids and according to my sources, much more relaxed Rules of Engagement) of aggressive tactics by General Petraeus designed to change enough facts on the ground to allow an Iraq-style settlement.

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nazar said...

when i was in helmand province, there were no tanks, so this should be helpful. i think they'll be really good in the dessert, but not so much in the populated areas because it's so condensed and there's hardly any roads wide enough to hold them.

Freedom Fighter said...

So that's where you've been Nazar!

Yeah, I think the tanks will definitely add to the mix. Maybe in Kandahar as well.