Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Obama To Try To Shove DREAM Act Through Lame Duck Session

Prez Zero has issued his marching orders to the Lame Duck Democrat Congress - he wants the DREAM Act passed as - get this - a 'down payment' on amnesty..umm, 'comprehensive immigration reform.'

The fact that we're talking about illegal aliens rather than immigrants makes no nevermind to Prez Zero. Neither does the morality of jamming through a substantial piece of legislation without waiting for the new Congress to be seated.

Nope, it's all about getting the camel's nose of amnesty through the tent, regardless.

It's obvious that Obama learned absolutely nothing from what happened November 2nd, and the puppy chow in the dinosaur media about him 'pulling a Bill Clinton' was wishful thinking. Obama has Left Wing ideologue too deeply ingrained in him to stop now.

One minor correction to the linked article - contrary to urban legend, it wasn't the Hispanic vote that beat Sharron Angle in Nevada and Ken Buck in Colorado. Both simply lagged in turnout and did not get enough white voters out to vote, and a look at the exit polls confirms that.

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Independent Patriot said...

Ok on this issue we part company. The Dream Act does not bother me. This is for children who under a certain age were brought here and raised here in the US by their parents. They are a part of our society and truthfully if they join the military or want to better themselves by going to college then they should be allowed to stay here.I am a little confused because I already thought there was such a provision vis-a-vis the military already, that if u r not a citizen and join the US military u go to the head of the line or your waiting period is greatly diminished.

I do know the implications of citizenship on these children with the family inclusion parts of the immigration laws (perhaps a provision should be added to exempt illegals from taking advantage of their children's new status), but there does come a point where WE (besides their parents),the US, are complicit in these children's disenfranchisement for not enforcing our own laws.After-all having been raised here these children really are a part of our society aren't they? We also tend to not punish children for the sins of their parents.

I think it comes down to having a little bit of rachmunis as they say in the old country.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hello IP.

Your feelings do oyu honor, but to me, it's not matter of rachmanis but chutzpah.Your argument appears to be that this situation is America's fault because these people were successfully able to evade our immigration laws, so now we owe it to them to bump them to the head of the line ahead of everyone who has applied to come in legally!

1)There is indeed a legally mandated way for non-Citizens to earn US citizenship by serving in our military and moving to the head of the line, and thousands have done so. To get in the program, you must apply legally at any US embassy, go through background, sign recruitment papers, and be accepted in a branch of the service before you get your visa.

If the handful of illegal aliens who want to take advantage of this program want to self deport and go through applying for the program LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE, I have no problem with that as a path to citizenship.I would even support an expedited program for this.

But as I'm sure you're aware, the DREAM Act is not aimed at military recruitment, but at increasing the numbers of 'entitlement beholden' Democrat voters who will vote for the Dems in exchange for more free bennies for them.

2. It is simply an opening gambit for amnestia, and why not? If these particular illegal immigrants get a pass, why not the rest? Law creates precedent. It's what I call 'pulling a train ' logic, after an admittedly vulgar term for a situation where a young lady at a frat party has a lot too much to drink and ends up having sex with more partners than she ever intended to.

"Hey you did it for him. Why not me?"

3. Much is made of how these children were 'raised in the US'. There is frequently little or no proof of time of residency, And I guarantee you ICE is not going to check too hard.

This is lousy law, and the fact that Obama is trying to sneak it through during the Lame Duck session is an indication of how bad it smells.


Anonymous said...

I went to Germany many years ago with a 2 month old son. I lived there for four years and my daughter was born there in an American hospital. I came back to the USA with both children. So why should it be different for illegal aliens? Why shouldn't an illegal from Mexico (or anywhere) be deported and take his children back with him regardless of where they were born? I don't understand why we shold spend untold billions taking care of illegals.