Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wikileaks Proved Obama Lied Repeatedly About Middle East Policy

Doug Ross has a superb break down on one of the conclusions we can draw from the Wikileaks deluge - Obama lied repeatedly to the American people about Iran and Middle East policy:

Anyone remember that exactly one year ago President Obama's original deadline for Iran expired?

Back in the halcyon days of hopeychange, newly minted President Barack Obama articulated his master plan for dealing with Iran....

But -- as the Wikileaks disclosures make clear -- Israeli concessions have (and had) nothing at all to do with stopping Iran. Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries wanted Iran crushed -- as King Abdullah put it, "cut off the head of the snake" -- period.

Let me repeat: Obama knew all along that Israeli concessions had nothing to do with stopping Iran's march to nuclear weapons. Yet he persisted in linking the two, even though it raised the risk of an atomic conflagration that could engulf the world.

I'd like to know: does it get any more irresponsible than that?

Well,no, it doesn't..but to be fair, Obama was certainly no more irresponsible on Iran than his predecessor George W. Bush was.Bush simply talked a better game without doing anything.

The difference is in Obama's case, he's known from day one that Iran is warring against us in Iraq and Afghanistan and there's not even a pretense that they're not seeking nukes any more, a pretense Bush had to contend with.

And unlike Bush, in Obama's case time is quickly running out.

Part of what's going on, I think, is that our president has a sentimental sympathy for Islam, which explains his coddling of Iran and Pakistan and his anumus towards Israel.He sees American presence (and especially that of Israel)as provocations to the Muslim world be eliminated as part of his ideal of a multi-polar world where America is just another country subservient to the International Community and Islam is resurgent.

That, by the way, mirrors the stance of Iran, al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood on the matter.

And that's why, no matter how loudly and urgently the Arab nations called for American intervention in Iran, he ignored them.

If you feel like you may have seen this movie before,you have...in the appeasment of Hitler by Britain prior to WWII.

Wikileaks, if nothing else, revealed exactly how incompetent and dangerous Barack Obama really is.

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