Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Early Returns...

A number of projections are being made based on exit polls--DO NOT BELIVE EXIT POLL DATA! Just ask President John Kerry.

is calling Indiana for Dan Coats(R) and Kentucky for Rand Paul(R).

CNN has declared incumbents Democratic Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy and Republican South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint winners...no surprises there.

Rob Portman has just been declared the winner in Ohio by FOX

On big House race in Indiana, where Democrat incumbent Baron Hill is trailing Dan Young 42-53%.

Two more GOP pickups so far - Todd Rokita in IN-4 and Mario Diaz Belart in FL21.

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Rosey said...

Where's the monkey?

louielouie said...

Just ask President John Kerry.

that's john heinz-kerry.

louielouie said...

jeebus cripes rosey can't you leave well enough alone...........