Thursday, June 22, 2006

7 wanna-be terrorist members of the `Religion of Peace' arrested in FBI sting

Well, whaddya know `bout that?

The FBI arrested seven wanna-be jihadis on terrorism conspiracy charges Tonight in connection with the early stages of a plot to attack Chicago's Sears Tower and other buildings in the United States.

The seven men, including 5 US citizens, 1 illegal alien and one resident alien thought their little cell was dealing with al Qaeda...but it turned out to be the feds.

Apparently, according to ABC News, the group has been under surveillance for some time and was infiltrated by a government informant who allegedly led them to believe he was an Islamic radical.

All are expected to be arraigned in U.S. District Court in Miami tomorrow morning.

The target was supposedly the Sears Tower in Chicago, but the jihadis were also considering attacking FBI facilities and government buildings in Miami...kind of as a warm up before the big game.

What's amusing about the Fox story is that it doesn't mention `Muslim' or `Islam' or `jihad' I guess the perpetrators were Lutherans from Scandanavia.

It's high time we started identifying who we're fighting in this war. And it's high time we started addressing the exporting of jihad ideology to America by our eternal friends, the Saudis. This time, we were lucky. We might not be so lucky next time.

FBI Director Robert Mueller, speaking on CNN, said, "I can tell you that we do have an ongoing operation in Miami. We are conducting a number of arrests and searches and we'll have more about that when the operation is concluded, probably tomorrow morning."

Mueller added that "whenever we undertake an operation like this, we would not do it without the approval of a judge. We've got search warrants and arrest warrants and the like.."

I'm sure CAIR and the ACLU are already plotting strategy.

Stay tuned...

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