Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Gaza beach killings: The latest production from PallyWood

If there's one thing the Palestinians do well, it's to place anti-Israeli proganda in elements of the symphathetic Western and Arab Press...even if it means outright falsehood.

One of yesterday's big stories, accompanied by heartrending photos and headlines involved the supposed Israeli shelling of picnickers on a Gaza beach while trying to take out nearby missile sites firing Qassam rockets into Israel to try and kill Israeli civilians. To hear al-Jazeera, the Guardian, the BBC and the AFP tell it, this was, of course, a cold blooded killing by the evil Jooos committed against helpless Palestinians.

The sources for the heartrending photos and a widely circulated video are a Palestinian film crew...who just happened to be on the beach, all set up and ready to go.

Olmert and Israeli Chief of staff Dan Halutz stepped into the propaganda trap laid by the Palestinians, issuing statements `regretting the loss of life', suspending Israeli counter bombardments against suspected missile launching sites and promising to lauch a full investigation.

Abbas declared three days of official mourning for this `crime', and Hamas took the opportunity to declare that the so-called `truce' was over and step up it's missile attacks as a response to the `massacre'.

Except it's not a `massacre', but a pack of Palestinian camel manure.

The first reports were that it was a stray Israeli naval shell that killed the people on Beit Lahiya beach. When Israeli records revealed that no naval bombardment or ship movements took place at that time, the story switched to an Israeli aerial bombardment..except again, Israeli records that no Israeli heliocopters or planes were in the vicinity at the time. Then the story changed once more, saying the deaths were caused by a stray Israeli artillery shell.

But then Maj.-Gen. Yoav Galant, the head of Israel's southern command, said today the military had proof it wasn't responsible. He said the military suspended artillery fire 15 minutes before the explosion at the beach, Army Radio reported. And those orders, again, are a matter of record.

Before General Galant made his remarks and submitted the evidence to back them up, IDF Brig-.Gen Aviv Cochavi had said the evidence pointed at only two possible explanations– a stray Israeli artillery shell aimed at a nearby missile site, or what the IDF calls a `work accident'- a Palestinian explosive that went off prematurely, possibly a Qassam missile that misfired. It would definitely not be the first time that has happened, and the Palestinians have a long history of secreting arms workshops and explosives among civilians to make it more difficult for the Israelis to take them out.

With the artillary shell ruled out,that pretty much narrows it down.Especially since the Palestinians have totally refused to cooperate with the Israeli investigation of what happened, a giveaway if ever there was one.

The Beit Lahiya beach killings will go down in history with such PallyWood productions as the killing of Mohammed Doura, the Jenin `Massacre' and `Brother,Can You spare a dime for the destitute Palestinians?'

By the way..I've yet to see any of this in the Main Stream Press press that ran all those lachrymose articles about `picnickers killed on the beach.'

Let's just say I'm not holding my breath.

And by the way..since the Hamas government has declared the so-called `truce' over, has stepped up its attacks and has vowed to turn the Israeli town of Sderot into a `ghost town', what exactly would it take for Israel to realize that they're in a state of declared hostilities with the Palestinian Authority and to declare war?

Just asking.....


Two more pieces of evidence have surfaced suggesting that this was indeed a Pallywood production. And more evidence that the Palestinian disregard for life even extends to its own people.

New information has surfaced that the actual cause of the explosion were crude `land mines' planted by the Palestinians last week on the northern Gazan beach. They were put there as daisy chain traps in case Israeli commandos landed by sea to take out Qassam missile launchers placed near the beach by the Palestinians.

While the Palestinians have totally refused to cooperate in the Israeli investigation, forensic recon photographs of the beach site indicate that the explosions came from below, not from the air.

And even more tellingly, the Palestinians have had crews sweeping the beach and removing all shrapnel, debris and evidence from the site.

Unfortunately for them, two of the injured Palestinian children are being treated in an Israeli hospital, and shrapnel removed from the bodies does not match the metal used in Israeli shells.

Hey, what's a few people's lives if you can make propaganda out of it to help slander the evil Jooos?

Let's end this with a quote from the `father of Palestine' Yasir Arafat: "I've killed for my cause..don't you think I would lie for it?"