Friday, June 30, 2006

Osama surfaces with a new item for jihad TV

Osama bin-Laden crawled out of the woodwork last night with a new audiotape which aired on -where else?- Jihad TV, AKA al-Jazeera.

In it, bin Laden warned President Bush not to celebrate over the killing of Abu Musab al- Zarqawi, and demanded that the body of al-Qaeda's Iraq chief be returned to Jordan....not withstanding that the Jordanians refused to allow the corpse to enter Jordan!

Osama said the usual stuff about how al-Qaeda will continue its jihad in Iraq,yadda yadda. The tape also included a demand for Jordan's King Abdullah II, directing him to allow al-Zarqawi to be buried in his homeland, and to put on a funeral that would show support for al-Qaeda.

"I tell Bush, you have to hand over the body of the hero to his family," Osama said. "And don't rejoice excessively, because the banner has not fallen, thank Allah. It only went from a lion to another lion among the lions of Islam, and we'll continue fighting you and your allies everywhere, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, Somalia and Sudan."

I have a thought on this that could make everybody happy. Why not return Zarqawi's corpse to Jordan for burial...wrapped in a pigskin shroud? That way King Abdullah could admit it, ensured that Zarqawi would be buried with all the respect and esteem he deserves.

According to Osama, al-Qaeda will continue its attacks, "wearing down your money, killing your men, so that you go back defeated to your country, just like we defeated you before in Somalia, Allah willing... We're sad that Abu Musab and his companions have left us, but we're delighted that they have sacrificed their souls in these great epics, while defending the law of Islam."


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nazar said...

Somehow, our dear old friend Osama just doesn't have the relevance that he had in 2001. Seriously, right now, he's in some cave living like a pig(ironic isn't it?) and all he can do is make empty threats. "ooh, you evil Americans, you naughty Americans, you will pay for your war against Islam, just you wait and see.." If America is waging a war against Islam, then how come Muslims are allowed to live here and practice their faith freely? Just another example of how logic is an alien concept to bin laden and his cronies.