Monday, June 26, 2006

Wanted For Murder

NYT publisher Pinch Sulzberger has a long history of anti-Americanism and borderline treason.

Now, he and NYT editor Bill Keller have stepped over that line, joined by their colleagues at the LA Times..

Twice in a week, the Paper of Refuse has published details of classified programs used to the war on Islamic jihad. First, it revealed details of the totally legal program that is instrumental in choking off the flow of money that funds jihad, even after the Bush Administration, citing its importance in keeping America safe, begged it not to do so.

Now the Times has published details of a highly classified briefing detailing possible troop reductions in Iraq.

Who needs spies when you have the New York Times? The enemy can now plan accordingly.

It used to be that politics stopped at the water's edge when our troops were under fire. No more.

This is aid and comfort to the enemy, the classic definition of treason.

I doubt they have the courage, but the Bush Administration needs to prosecute the New York Times and the LA Times' publishers and the reporters involved under the Espionage Act and force them to reveal their sources, who can then be likewise prosecuted and jailed.

I guarantee that this kind of action would resonate well with the vast majority of Americans. As a matter of fact, it's necessary..because each time the MSM gets away with this kind of nonsense, the bar gets lowered.

Hint: since these were confidential Congressional briefings, I pretty much expect that the source would end up being a congressman with a small `d' after their names.

No one elected the Paper of Refuse and its minions to be in charge of our national security, and they have NO RIGHT to endanger the lives of our troops and the lives of their fellow citizens.

There was no reason at all for these reporters not to hold this story on a program the NYT itself admits is totally legal when the men charged with the security of our nation asked them to..none whatsoever, no matter how much they try to hide behind freedom of the press.

I'm getting increasingly tired of some of the Main Stream Media's willingness to be propagandists for jihadis on the one hand and to do everything they can to hamper our war effort on the other.

The enemy within is much more dangerous to us than the enemy without.


Anonymous said...

I hope the Justice Department will finally go after these traitors. Their extreme, pathological dislike of President Bush has clearly caused them to go WAY over the line.

BTW: Thanks for the support on PC

Freedom Fighter said...

Rep Peter King (r-NY) head of the Homeland security committee in the House has written to AG Alberto Gonzalez requesting that very thing.

I hope they do so.

As for the other, don't mention it. That kind of despicable behavior is why I rarely hang there anymore. WHAT a piece of work!

Anonymous said...

I hope they follow through. This kind of stuff CAN'T go unpunished. It floors me that they don't see that in doing this kind of stuff because they hate Bush, they are endangering ALL of us. And breaking the law, btw.

("Piece of work" is not QUITE what I would call him, but what I would like to say would probably get me banned ;o), so I'll stick with that!)

Rosey said...

I wrote a letter to Rep Peter King today! Check it out at:


Anonymous said...

I don't think prosecution is possible in the purely tactical sense. The only applicable law is from 1917 (how come treason never gets updated?). As a legal matter the climb is uphill and greatly at that.

I think Bush and Cheney and Snow trashing the NYTimes is helpful and, in some ways, almost as good. Why? Because it seems to me the Democrats are walking into the same trap they always do: we're not weak on defense, we just want to cut and run. Honestly, they're so stupid I could give them better advice with which to run against us.

But I shan't. Super great dhimmicrat button Robert. I copied it, is that ok? Lots of it as a jpg going out to my squish family and friends. Of course, they'll have to look up the word!

Regards, y'all.