Tuesday, June 06, 2006

New UK Muslim leader threatens Britain on terror raid

The Muslim Council of Britain's new leader Muhammed Abdul Bari has made a startling beginning-threatening Britain with angry Muslims rioting in the streets.

Muhammed Abdul Bari is the new head of the Muslim Council of Britain, replacing that wonderful paragon of tolerance Sir Iqbal Sacranie.

In the wake of British terrorism raids, Bari is demanding access to the confidential evidence that led to the raids, and actually threatening the British government with Islamic riots!

"Trust could break down if things are not clarified," said Abdul Bari,who is the head of Britain's largest Muslim organisation.

"Angry people can do anything, angry people can even feel that they should take the law into their own hands, so anger has to be directed into positive action," he warned.

Police arrested Mohammed Abdul Kahar, 23, and his brother Abul Koyair, 20, during the raid on their home at dawn by 250 officers. Abdul Kahar, who was shot and wounded, and Koyair have vehemently denied involvement in terrorism.

The Metropolitan Police's assistant commissioner Andy Hayman said police had "no choice" but to launch the raid as they worried about public safety after receiving specific intelligence of a terrorist plot.

He said the police have removed documents and computers from the home and that they were still conducting a live investigation.

Of course, one could also speculate on Bari's motives for wanting access to the intel used for the raid....perhaps he's looking to tip future jihadis off on a possible loophole in their security to plug up.

I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him.

That being said, as I speculated yesterday with the anniversary of the 7/7 bombings just around the corner and the commision on the 7/7 bombings findings still leaving a bad taste in their mouths, British Intel might just have been looking for an easy way to show the public they're on the job.

Either way, they're in a no-win situation. If they give up the intel to the Muslims, they pretty much reveal their hand and make future investigations that much harder, just like the NSA leaks here. If they don't...riots in the streets, per the leader of Britain's largest Muslim group.

Britain is in serious trouble. They are now reaping the bitter fruits of what Melanie Phillips, the British author of `Londonistan' calls 'Britain’s dirty little secret'; a gentlemen's agreement that Islamist radicals would be left alone and allowed freedom to raise money and promote their brand of Islam, provided they abstained from terrorism in the UK.

The moral chickens from that devil's deal are now flapping their wings over Britain.


Anonymous said...

if the police acted illegally then they should be locked up.
what do "these" people have to be angry about.
the police are enforcing the law of the land.
oh, i forgot, sharia is not the law of the land.

Anonymous said...

any word on the status of felafel stands in the UK?????

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Louie,
I question the `illegality' of the search of private premises, given that I'm positive the British police acted in accordance with their laws.

If somebody got shot for trying to escape or assaulting the olice, that's very different.

According to British law, they canbe held `on remand' until June 15th without trial.

What got me was this `Muslim leader' who is hardly a fringe player threatening riots over this.

I dunno about felafel, but I bet you fish and chips are onthe endangered list inbritain if these guys have their way!