Monday, June 05, 2006

Islam's perpetual war with the West

Alexandra at All Things Beautiful has a killer piece out today, in which she examines a simple truth..that Islam has been at war with the West (or more properly, all non-believers) for 1500 years, since its inception.

"We forget, that apart from his friends in Beirut, Khomeini was supported by what he called "revolutionary Muslims" in Europe, United States, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Now we know of course... but amazingly, it still seems to come as a surprise.

Take the latest example of the alleged terrorist plot in Canada. Immediate talk of discriminatory backlash is the Muslims' swift switch from the defensive to the offensive. Well, let's try to put an end to that never ending cycle of renewed and conveniently self-imposed amnesia, especially by the members of the MSM and our venerable members of the left performing hitherto unparalleled contortionist acts to keep their NSA and FISA crusade alive. It is not us who are at war with Islam, it is Islam who since time immemorial fuels its hatred against Infidels and since the last decades against secular western democracies and thus has been and remains at war with us. The Islamic Republic of Iran is their role model and we must stop closing our eyes before that truth."

Ah yes, Canada, m'dear. Like Le Jihad Francais, the media took great care to avoid that 500 pound gorilla in the room called the point of being ludicrous. Whom do they think they're fooling?

And I totally concur..Iran was and is the model.

My father, of blessed memory was a long time newspaper man who clued me in to the fact that the media scripts these things and customarily ignores whatever doesn't fit the script. In this case, as I examined here

Over the past four and a half years, two currents have been running neck and neck in America's psyche when it comes to the main stream media's take on Islam: the constant drumbeat, continuously echoed in the Main Stream Media that Islam is a Religion of Peace and the equally well reported and awful reality that based on the violence peformed expressly in its name, it isn't anything of the kind.

"Mosques the world over preach the hatred against anything and everything representing the West {...} We must stop jumping at every gesture as the ultimate evidence to support the desperately foolish idea that Islam wishes to coexist with us Infidels in peace. All it wishes to do is to bide its time until it is ready to conquer. Period."

Oh, I think that a majority of people already realize that,'s some of our media elites and our Saudi and UAE bought and paid for politicians that still try to maintain the fiction.

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