Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Palestinians claim to have kidnapped an Israeli teenager

Israel may have a second hostage crisis on its hands.

Members of Joshua's Army who read the site regularly may recall the Palestinian attempt to kidnap a couple of teenage girls in Ariel 2 weeks ago (June 15th). I opined then that it might be the start of a new Palestinian terorist tactic.

18-year old Eliyahu Asheri of Itamar has been missing since Sunday night when he left Beitar in the Gush Etzion bloc to return to his Yeshiva in Neve Tsuf. The 'Palestinians' claim to have kidnapped a `teenaged settler', and they may have Eliyahu.

Asheri was reportedly last seen near Beitar, attempting to hitchhike from Beitar to Itamar.

Ma'an, a 'Palestinian' news agency, reported that Abu Abeer, the spokesman of the An Nasser Saladin Brigades, said that they had kidnapped an Israeli 'settler' in the 'West Bank'. The spokesman threatened the Israeli forces saying, "The battle of kidnapping soldiers has begun." "Resistance", he said, "will not release those captured unless the occupation 'kneels' and accepts the conditions."

Asheri is the oldest of six children. His father is an immigrant from Australia.

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