Wednesday, June 14, 2006

How the Main Stream media works.....

As many of you know who read JoshuaPundit regularly, I've had some things to say about what I consider miscalculation and mismanagement in Iraq by the Bush Administration. But I absolutely couldn't believe the way the Main Stream media treated the president today and the inane questons they asked at a press conference he hosted today in the White House Rose Garden when he returned from Iraq.


For one thing the press was miffed that President Bush didn't see fit to advertise in advance where he was going to the New York Times or the Washington Post. I mean, seriously! Did they expect the commander in chief who's flying in to a war zone to blab where he's going to the likes of the Main Stream media? With their splendid record of leaking classified intel, no matter how it hurts the war effort? No matter what the risk to the president's personal safety?

I don't think so.

The president was pefectly clear, if a little less than eloquent considering he was coping with jet lag. He went to Iraq to assess the new government, its plans for the future and to reassure people like Maliki who have no experience of a free society and the battle of public opinion that no, regardless of whatt they see on CNN and CBS we weren't pulling out and leaving them to twist in the wind by next week.

One silly reporter even asked the president about his poll numbers, if he was woried about the GOP losing the House and Senate and whether he had second thoughts. The president just grinned and reminded her that last year the conventional wisdom from the press was that he was going to be defeated for re-election..but things turned out differently.

It was also obvious that the media jackals were upset that Zarqawi's death and the President's surprise trip knocked media fodder like Haditha and the Gitmo suicides off the front pages. It's obvious that they were all revved up to make another My Lai out of Haditha and bash the military with it.

Tough tacos.

In a way, its a pity they didn't get to stick their necks out, because enough questionable stuff has come up about the `massacre' that it could of backfired worse than Rathergate...but on the plus side, at least those marines will get a fair trial out of the media spotlight.

Whatever else you can say about President Bush (and there's a lot to be said, believe me) you have to admire his humor, courtesy and grace under pressure in dealing with these sorry people.

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